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Unify your home's décor and elevate the finishing touch with light switches in a variety of colours from Restoration Online. We offer a curated selection to seamlessly integrate with your existing design theme, whether you're aiming for a classic, modern, or entirely unique aesthetic.

Find the perfect light switch colour and complementary accessories to enhance your space

Light Switch Colours:

Switch Accessories:

  • Dimmers: Create the perfect ambience with adjustable lighting control.
  • TV Aerial Mechanisms: Discreetly integrate your TV aerial connection.
  • Power Points: Find matching power points to complete your electrical solution.
  • Fan Controllers: Manage your ceiling fan speed and comfort with ease.
  • USB Ports: Integrate convenient charging points directly into your walls.

Our extensive range allows you to:

  • Match existing fixtures: Effortlessly integrate your light switches, power points, and other hardware.
  • Complement your colour scheme: Find the perfect shade to tie your entire room design together.
  • Create a statement piece: Use contrasting colours to highlight your light switches and accessories as unique design elements.
  • Enhance functionality: Add dimmers, fan controls, and USB ports for improved convenience in your home.

Shop with confidence at Restoration Online, knowing you'll find the perfect light switch colour, style, and accessories to enhance your home's functionality and aesthetics.

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