Traditional Switches

Turning the lights on and off is something very intuitive in our routine. With a simple click, we can illuminate the environment and also “switch off” that lighting.

The function of a switch is precisely to turn on or off an electrical circuit, making the connection of the light points. When we press the switch, it internally presses the button that releases energy to the lamp. When we press to the opposite side, to turn off the light, it blocks the passage of energy. Although the functionality is relatively simple, there are several types of switches that are best suited to each situation.

At restoration online, we have several different types of switches for your home: you can choose from, traditional switches, heritage light switches, round light switches, power points and mounting blocks, all depending on the decoration style your design project is based on.

There are several types of traditional switches available in the market, including Toggle Light Switch, Rocker Light Switch, Dimmer Light Switch, Double or triple switches, amongst others. Our traditional switch covers are made out of solid brass. Our extensive range of switches also offers different finishes such as chrome, antique brass, antique copper and satin chrome. Our traditional switches are completely assembled in Australia and fully comply with Australian Standards.

Looking for a unique, yet also very traditional look? Restoration Online offers a range of round switch options. Try a classic look with the antique brass Federation option or go for bright and shiny with the fluted chrome selection. Our round switches also come in black matte, polished brass, and more.

You can find a variety of different switches style options from Restoration online Australia. Don’t hesitate to contact us or check out our shipping and returns.