Black Outdoor Wall Lights

Black Outdoor Wall Lights

Whether a single ornate feature outdoor lantern by the front door or a series of bracket lights illuminating your front path, black outdoor wall lights are a timeless way to light up your home.

From post lights and pillar lights to delineate paths and boundaries and chain pendants, under eave lights, and rod pendants to decorate your doorway, Restoration Online has got wall lights to brighten up every space. To find your perfect outdoor lighting fixtures, visit us online today.

How to pick outdoor wall lights?

There are a few things to consider when choosing your black outdoor wall lights:


The material you choose for your black outdoor wall lights can have a big impact on the look of your outdoor space. For a more polished look, look for a light with a gloss black finish. For a more modern or industrial look, consider an outdoor lantern with an antique black finish – such as those made of coated aluminium, brass, copper, or nickel. The patina of these metals will age over time, giving them that much-sought-after weathered, antique look.


For a more contemporary outdoor lighting look, consider choosing a black exterior wall light with clean lines and square angles. Make this more dramatic by choosing a feature lightbulb (e.g., a tube, spiral, or squirrel cage filament).

If you prefer a more traditional look, we have a huge selection of old-style wall lights for you to choose from. A traditional outdoor lantern tends to be more ornate, features more curves, and is often smaller or more refined than its modern counterparts. This often includes filigree and decorative elements on the bracket, chain, or wall lamp itself. Other popular choices include nautical-style wall lights and lanterns.


Modern lighting has come a long way. These days, lightbulbs are just as much a feature as lighting fixtures themselves. From different lightbulb shapes to artistic filament styles and glass patterns and opacity, there are endless possibilities in how you express your personal style.

Using a fancy filament inside a clean modern lantern is a popular way to draw attention to a fixture and make it creative without it being too fussy. Thanks to LED technology, these bulbs are now also incredibly energy-friendly – unlike their olden-day counterparts.


Lumens reflect the energy output of a globe and are what determine its brightness. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. The lower the lumens, the duller the light.

Lumens are present in LED lightbulbs, which are a modern, much more energy-efficient style of lighting than the traditional halogen or incandescent bulbs. They offer a variety of lighting temperatures – from soft warm to cool white to daylight – and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Typically, you’ll want fewer lumens in your outdoor lighting than indoors. For a warm, welcoming entryway, a soft warm LED bulb is the way to go. If you’re after security lighting, a daylight bulb will give you the instant bright white you’re after to quickly illuminate a space.

Glass opacity

The opacity of the glass on your wall lantern outdoor lighting can drastically change the look of your home. If you’re after a more traditional style, look for a wall lamp or patio wall lights with handblown glass. The intricacies in each panel make each lantern truly unique. If you follow the more contemporary trend, entirely opaque or frosted bulb covers on sconces are a great way to make a dramatic statement.

Sensor and solar lighting

Because our black outdoor wall lights honour traditional restoration styles, we do not offer sensor or solar lighting. However, some electricians will retrofit fixtures. So if you see a design you’ve fallen in love with, have a chat with your local installer.

How to install outdoor wall lights?

Much like all electrical work in your home, the installation of your black outdoor wall lights will need to be performed by a qualified, licensed electrician.

Conducting electrical work yourself is illegal – and for good reason. Not only is it highly dangerous and poses a significant danger of electrocution, but it can also render your home insurance policies and claims null and void.

All electrical work performed by a licensed electrician is accompanied by certificates of compliance identifying their compliance with the relevant Australian Safety Standard.

How to clean outdoor wall lights?

To prolong the life of your black outdoor wall lights, regular maintenance is important. It also makes them much easier and quicker to clean!

Using a long-handled broom to brush away cobwebs is a good start. To keep the glass crystal clear, wash it regularly using a rag and soapy warm water. Every so often, be sure to wipe the inside of the fixture too and clear it of any bugs.

If you can, ensuring your LED outside wall lights are protected from the elements is the best way to guarantee their longevity. While all outdoor lights are made to withstand the weather, choosing the right light for your environment is important.

This simply means having a bit of common sense with the design you choose. For example, if the light is on an exposed wall and you’re after an open sconce without a bulb shield, ensure the design you choose has the globe facing downward under a guard, and not upwards towards the sky. In doing so, you’ll prevent any excess build-up of moisture around the base of the bulb and the wiring – and keep your black outdoor lights shining for decades to come.

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