Measuring Your Backset

The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the door handle.

Please see the image below:

How to Measure Your Backset


Please note that our locks and latches mostly come in 44-46mm and in 57-60mm.

57-60mm is the standard backset.

Selecting the correct backset for locks or latches

Plain (flat) doors:
Generally these require only a standard 57- 60mm backset lock or latch.

Panelled (decorative) doors or doors with glass panels:
The vertical piece of timber that forms the edge of your door is called the “Stile”.

Door handles generally look best if they are located on the face of the door in the centre of this stile.

The backset of the lock or latch you select will determine how far from the edge of the door your handles will be positioned.

Ideally, the backset will be as close as possible to half the width of the stile.

  1. Measure the stile (see image below).
  2. Divide this by two (2)
  3. Choose the backset that is closest to this number.

Eg. Stile = 96mm, therefore 96mm ÷ 2 = 48mm, so you would choose the 44mm or 46mm backset locks or latches.

If this process results in a number roughly half way between 44mm and 60mm, then you should tend towards the 60mm as this is standard and more comfortable to use.

How to Measure Your Stile


Existing doors: If you are happy to locate the door handles in the same position as those that were removed, just measure from the edge of the door to the centre of the hole in the face of the door. There should be a lock or latch available very close to this measurement. However, be careful if you are replacing lever handles with knobs as knobs should have 57-60mm backsets.