Free Standing Sinks

Free standing sinks, also known as washstands, are a timeless design element that adds a touch of elegance and functionality to any bathroom. With a history dating back centuries, these freestanding fixtures offer a unique alternative to traditional wall-mounted basins.

The Enduring Appeal of Free Standing Sinks

Free standing sinks, also known as freestanding basins, come in two main styles: pedestal basins and bathroom basins with stands. Both options offer distinct advantages and can be a perfect fit for various bathroom designs.

Pedestal Basins: Compact Elegance

Pedestal basins are a classic choice for free standing sinks. Their compact design makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms, while their simple elegance complements both traditional and modern aesthetics. Early versions were crafted from porcelain or enameled cast iron, with the pedestal mirroring the basin material. Today, free standing pedestal sinks come in a wider variety of materials, including vitreous china, stone, and even glass. Some modern iterations even incorporate wall-mounted support for additional stability.

Bathroom Basins with Stand: A Touch of Vintage Charm

For those who prefer a touch of vintage flair, bathroom basins with stands offer a unique and stylish option for free standing sinks. Their distant relatives can be traced back to monastic lavabos in the Middle Ages. By the 18th century, these free standing basins evolved into more elaborate forms, featuring wooden stands and bowls or basins.

The Rise of Colored Metal Legs in Free Standing Sinks

The 19th century saw a surge in the popularity of free standing basins with stand, particularly those featuring colored metal legs. Cast iron, known for its strength and ability to be painted in vibrant colors, became a popular choice for these freestanding sinks. Jewel tones like emerald green and ruby red were especially favored, along with lighter shades like cream and pale yellow. These free standing basins also grew in size and functionality, incorporating features like shelves, towel bars, and drawers for added convenience.

Modern Free Standing Sinks: A Blend of Old and New

While pedestal sinks and bathroom basins with stand remain popular choices for free standing sinks today, the overall style has evolved to reflect modern bathroom design trends. The use of colored metal legs is still available, but with a more muted color palette. Brushed nickel, chrome, and satin brass are popular choices for those seeking a touch of vintage flair in their modern free standing sink.