Black Kitchen Taps

Black Kitchen Taps

When it comes to stylish tapware, black kitchen taps are making the rounds in trends, and we at Restoration Online are here for it. We’ve seen trends and fads come and go, but we think there’s something to this sleek modern black tapware design that could see it around for the long haul.

Black tapware can add that wow factor to a traditional or modern home, in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry – and even as door handles throughout the house. If overdone, they can create a heavy atmosphere, but they are more likely to add a touch of elegance to your home without sacrificing the durability and quality of other standard tap fixtures.

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in a household; and the kitchen sink, next to the bathroom basin, is one of the most used areas of a home. This isn’t likely to change; and black kitchen sink taps, black kitchen mixer taps, or black wall-mounted kitchen taps would work well in this area. What black kitchen taps offer is a long-lasting accent that doesn’t show up watermarks or fingerprints the same way that stainless steel, chrome, and other metal finishes can. This makes the sleek black tap finishes one of our favourites around here, and we reckon you might like it too.

Of course, if it’s not quite the right vibe for your home, we can help you find another choice from our tapware collections or make some solid recommendations based on our decades of experience in the industry. It’s a win-win for you to connect with our team for your next home project.

Restoration Online specialises in new, reproduction products replicating original tap fittings and fixtures including our range of sleek black kitchen taps, as well as standard-style mixers, levers, and pull-out kitchen taps.

Our special team of experts thoroughly checks every order before it ships to ensure you receive the right products the first time. If they notice anything unusual, whether it’s the style of products or the quantity, we’ll get in touch with you to confirm and finalise your order before we send it on its way to you.

Our team of experts is also here to help you with any tricky decisions or questions you might have. When it comes to the finishing touches of your new home or remodel, you’ll find no better team than ours here at Restoration Online. We’ll only ever recommend products that we believe will add value to your home and sense of style.

We love to help our customers find the perfect fit, whether that’s sleek black kitchen taps or something a little different.

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How to choose the right tap for your kitchen?

Choosing the right tap for your kitchen is where both you and your home meet in the style that exists and the style that you want to create.

Choosing tapware for your new home might be a tad easier than choosing fittings to be replaced in an already established home undergoing renovations. Whichever situation you find yourself in, we find it best not to rush this decision. It might seem small, but you’d be surprised how much the style of tapware can affect the overall harmony and continuity of a home.

While we do have a quality selection when it comes to the black kitchen taps, we also know it’s not one size fits all, and that’s why we have a curated collection of tapware across different tastes and styles. Take your time as you browse through our range online or join our ranks of happy customers who call us to discuss their projects and tap into our years of experience to help you decide what to buy.

How to install kitchen taps?

When it comes to plumbing, our rule of thumb is to leave it to the experts. Your plumbing professional can install your new kitchen taps along with any other sink or basin fixtures you need to be installed.

While they’re installing, they’ll be able to not just deftly complete the job with minimal damage but also identify any issue with piping that you might not recognise. Having this checked can be essential if your home is an older vintage.

Once the kitchen taps are installed, you’re ready to rock and roll and enjoy your new black kitchen taps for many years to come!

How to clean stains from kitchen taps?

When it comes to cleaning your new black kitchen taps, it’s a simple matter of wiping them down with a dry microfibre cloth – regularly. If you get in the habit of doing this a couple of times a week, you’ll prevent any build-up of dust or grime and ensure your tap is well maintained.

If you need to give it a good scrub every now and then, mild soapy water and a microfibre cloth should do the trick again. Because of the black surface, scratches can show up easily, so you definitely want to steer clear of any steel wool or abrasive chemical cleaning agents.

When it comes to updating the tapware in your home or selecting the tapware for your brand-new build, make your first stop at Restoration Online. Our expert team is waiting to help you with your home projects.