Tradco Hardware is one of Australia's leading architectural hardware brands with nearly 40 years of experience in the field. The Tradco range is specifically designed for traditional and period homes, with products such as door handles, light switches, window hardware and hinges, to name a few. Their finishes range from classics such as Polished Brass, Antique Copper and Polished Nickel, to more contemproary options including Matte Black, Satin Brass and Satin Chrome. The small details are what transform a house into a home, and Tradco products allow you to add character and create a space that is uniquely 'you'.

Matte Black

Matte Black items may be iron or brass based. Most of the iron products are powder coated, whereas the brass items undergo an electrostatic painting technique. A durable finish, Matte Black is popular in Hamptons style homes due to its contrast against white or timber. Clean with a dry cloth and Mr Sheen regularly to keep your Matte Black items looking pristine.

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Satin Brass

The Satin Brass finish is created when a forged brass product is very lightly polished, and then coated with a clear satin lacquer. This protects the surface and maintains the finish, resulting in a durable and long-lasting product. We recommend keeping satin brass products dry to avoid tarnishing, and cleaning regularly with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth.

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Polished Brass

Polished Brass is a classic traditional finish. Solid brass is polished and then coated with a clear lacquer. Over time, the lacquer will wear off and the brass will age and tarnish. To protect the lacquer and prolong the new appearance of this finish, you can clean your product regularly with Mr Sheen and a dry soft cloth, avoiding dampness. To hasten the ageing of Polished Brass, you can remove the lacquer with paint stripper and repolish the item.

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Antique Brass

Antique Brass is a living finish, where solid brass items are aged by hand and rubbed back with a cloth to lighten the finish. It is baked to set and a clear lacquer is applied. This process results in a unique and natural finish, with variations in the colour and no two pieces identical. Over time the lacquer will wear off, and the antique finish will continue to naturally age and evolve. We recommend using a damp cloth and a small amount of gentle detergent to care for Antique Brass items.

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Antique Copper

Antique Copper is achieved by plating a brass product in copper and antiquing the copper plating to lighten the colour and reveal the natural, bright highlights. Over time and with use, the finish will wear and more of the copper highlights will be visible. A true living finish, Antique Copper’s beauty is only enhanced by age . To clean, simply use a small amount of gentle detergent with a damp cloth.

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Rumbled Nickel

To create Rumbled Nickel, the solid brass base material is plated with nickel, which is then aged. It then undergoes a ‘rumbling’ process using small stones, resulting in a flecked finish. No two pieces are the same and there can be some variation in the final colour. Keep this premium finish cleaned with Mr Sheen and a dry, soft cloth.

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Satin Nickel

Satin Nickel is a very lightly brushed variation of Polished Nickel, a plating on solid brass. With subtle satin lines, Satin Nickel is a premium finish that is long lasting and works with a variety of styles and colour schemes. Use Mr Sheen and a cloth to keep Satin Nickel in good condition.

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Polished Nickel

A lovely warm finish, Polished Nickel is a highly polished and durable, and a popular alternative to Chrome. The base material underneath the nickel plating is solid brass. Maintain the shine with regular cleaning using Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth.

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Satin Chrome

To create Satin Chrome, the solid brass product is plated with a chrome finish which is carefully rubbed back. This leaves a matte, satin texture that complements stainless steel fittings. Use a cloth to keep Satin Chrome clean.

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Polished Chrome

Chrome Plating, or Polished Chrome, is our most durable and long-lasting finish. Solid brass items are plated with chrome, suitable for both modern and traditional settings. A wipe with a clean cloth is all that is needed to keep this finish looking shiny and bright.

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