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Tradco Hardware offers unlacquered brass and unlacquered satin brass as alternatives to their polished brass and satin brass finishes, which both have a clear lacquer to prevent tarnishing. There are times when tarnishing is not something to be prevented but rather embraced, and the unlacquered brass range allows for this ageing process to take place.

Unlacquered brass is designed to naturally age over time, developing a patina with use. This is perfect for homes featuring existing brass hardware that has already had time to age, or for those looking for a unique look – once the patina starts to form, no two handles will be identical.

The speed in which unlacquered brass will age depends on the environment it is installed in – it may begin to darken and patina in as little as days or weeks, or sometimes can take years for it to reach its aged look. This is why we call this type of brass a “living finish” – it is constantly changing in tone and developing its colour and variations in texture.

A low maintenance finish, you can use a soft cloth and polish such as Mr Sheen to clean unlacquered brass, but it will be naturally polished by regular touch. This is a perfect choice for those with a love for naturally aged brass and for traditional homes.