Escutcheons Included on Some Models
✔ Traditional Skeleton Keys Included (Uniquely Keyed or Keyed Alike)
✔ Face Fix Screws, and Keepers Also Included
✔ Australian Brand, Tradco Hardware

One of the oldest lock designs, a rim lock is essential restoration door hardware when refurbishing your heritage home. It was the original lock type used in England and Ireland. They are still used in many traditional homes in those countries today for low-security applications. They are also used on heritage homes in Australia. The basic design featured a stiff lever and bolt, however, as time progressed, they were then locked with an iconic skeleton key.

In Australia, this design was traditionally popular on doors made of multiple vertical planks called “ledge and brace” doors. Two horizontal planks fix the vertical planks together along with one diagonal plank that create a “Zed” shaped brace on the inside face of the door.

A rim lock is a distinctive surface lock resembling a constructed box that protrudes outward from the door on one side. It latches into a rim lock keeper and locks by use of a traditional skeleton key. On the reverse side of the door is a keyhole plate, called an escutcheon, which protects the surface of the door from scratches. Some of our rim locks come with the escutcheon included, while others allow you to choose the design you prefer from our Escutcheon Collection

Designed for modern applications, our reproduction antique rim locks;are considered a low-security door lock by today’s standards, and so is best suited for interior doors, or typically the outdoor “dunny.” They are designed to function with our mortice knobs, which come with two backplates and a threaded spindle. However, only one of the backplates is needed with installation with your rim lock, as the spindle will go directly into the lock. The other backplate is aesthetically pleasing on the reverse side of the door.

Once you’ve chosen your escutcheon and mortice knobs and the number of rim locks you require for every interior door in your home, proceed to checkout. There you can specify if you’d like your locks keyed-alike. Having the locks keyed alike means that the keys that come with your lock will open any lock in your home. Just make a note in the customer comments when you are checking out to ensure you get the you prefer.

This reproduction antique rim lock does not have an emergency release; therefore, we strongly recommend keeping the spare key in a location that is easily accessible. Should you need to gain access through the door, the best way to do this would be with the key. However, if the key has been left in the lock on one side of the door, it will not be possible to open the lock with a key from the other side. It is also a good idea to ensure your internal door hinges are lift off or loose pin so that you can gain access through the door without unscrewing the hinges. Alternatively, if required, choose a privacy latch with an emergency release.