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Caring for your 1901 Sink

1901 Sinks are crafted from fireclay, a durable material that is resistant to heat, impact and stains. These qualities make our range ideal for everyday use in your kitchen, laundry or bathroom. The strength of fireclay, unlike regular porcelain or ceramic, means 1901 sinks are unlikely to chip, crack or scratch.

Hand finished by experienced craftsmen, every 1901 sink features small ripples and dimples and surface blemishes. Our customers love knowing their sink is truly unique.

Designed to be undermounted, some models may not be glazed on the base or back – so we do recommend contacting us if you need to confirm this or plan to install your sink in a different way.

We don’t recommend using any undiluted chemical such as bleach in your 1901 sink. While fireclay is very tough, we still advise you take care with heavy items such as cast-iron pans, to prevent fracturing or chipping your sink. You can purchase a rubber protective mat to use in your sink for peace of mind.

Cleaning your 1901 sink

Fireclay is a hypoallergenic, non-porous surface, with stain and odour resistant qualities - making 1901 sinks a breeze to keep clean. For daily cleaning, use a soft sponge or cloth and simply wipe with soap and water or multipurpose cleaner (a non-abrasive product).

Due to the handcrafted nature of fireclay sinks, the graduation of the drain may be subtle, requiring the occasional wipe of the bottom of the bowl.

Every now and then a sink may show signs of “silvering”, where grey lines or marks may appear on your sink. This is usually caused by cutlery or metal pans and can be removed. We advise using a fine car polish or cream cleaner like JIF, and a no- scratch scourer. Stubborn marks may require a few minutes of intensive scouring.

Warranty Information

If the above guidelines are followed, your 1901 sink will be well cared for and enjoyed for many years. The 1901 range is covered by a 10 year replacement warranty, in the rare case of any manufacturing faulty or defects (this does not cover damage due to impact or misuse). Our knowledgeable team is here to help on 02 6355 2070 with any questions regarding our warranty or caring for your 1901 sink.