White Sinks

White Sinks

Whether it be your kitchen sink, a bathroom basin or a laundry tub, choosing the right sink for your project is a must. Sinks are one of the most used utensils in any home and need to be able to accommodate for all occasions. A good sink needs to be strong and be able to stand any tests thrown its way. At Restoration Online, we take all these considerations into account to be able to provide you with only the best possible sink options the market has to offer.

All sourced from well-known leading brands such as 1901 Sinks, Turner Hastings, Fienza, Chamboard, RAK Ceramics, and Schock Sinks, you can rest assured that you are receiving nothing short of the finest quality sinks for your project.

The perfect option for any Modern or Traditional home, White sinks come available in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. White sinks are the perfect way to add class to your home and remove the typical silver stainless-steel stereotype commonly used today, from your home design. It’s a great way to stand out with minimal effort, while still being subtle. Choose from a range of different materials and bowl sizes to achieve your desired look.

Why Choose a White Sink?

Not only are they practical, but white sinks are considered as timeless classics that can be incorporated into any home design. Whether it becomes a part of a farmhouse cottage, a vintage abode or a contemporary living space, these sinks will serve you and the demands of your design aesthetic. White Sinks are the perfect alternative to a standard silver stainless steel sink and will add variety to your build.

The white finish is a pristine, clean-cut shade that will give your dwelling space an artistic virgin appeal that is not only soft on the eyes but cannot be tainted. Although white sinks are unable to hide every bit of grime obtained from use, the non-porous properties of many sinks allow them to be wiped clean with ease leaving your sink unspoiled. This is especially the case with our fireclay sinks, which are scratch and heat resistant and will remain unchanged with use. Any markings left behind on the sink will only ever be purely surface level and can be removed with the right cleaning utensils, this includes silvering!

The best thing about White, is that it goes with anything! White sinks are capable of fitting in seamlessly with all your current project designs, along with any future design upgrades. White is a perfect background for any tapware colour choice, including brass, black and silver taps, just to name a few. This allows for your tapware and other kitchen fittings, otherwise known as ‘the jewellery of the kitchen’ to really shine and be accentuated in all the best possible ways. This is also the same case for coloured sink accessories. White also offers a great contrast when installed against dark coloured backgrounds and splash blacks. These sinks exceed all their competitive sink relatives when paired with natural materials like timber, stone and marble countertops. Nothing quite compares to a beautiful, smooth white sink nestled snugly against an earthy toned counterpart.

Sink Types and Styles

If you are opting to go with a white sink, you know you have made the right choice as they go with a huge range of kitchen, laundry and bathroom styles, décor and aesthetics. From heritage kitchens to shaker style, to the famous, sophisticated ‘Hamptons’ and ‘Farmhouse’ themes, you won’t find a better suiting sink. French provincial, country, and even contemporary are all style types that fall under the same compatible category. You simply can’t go wrong with a classic white sink.

Starting in your kitchen space we have a range of white sink types to choose from. If you have decided you want a traditional sink, then our Butler or Belfast Sinks are the way to go as they come with many benefits. Typically made from fireclay, an extremely durable form of ceramic, these sinks are highly scratch, stain and heat resistant. For something a little more modern, you can choose from a selection of white granite sinks. All these sink options are practical, long-lasting, easy to maintain and look amazing!

Perhaps you require a bathroom or washroom sink. We have an amazing range of bathroom basins that you are sure to love. From white oval or round basins, to pedestals, to basins with stands and even bathroom vanities. We have you covered on all bases with several mounting position and installation methods, including wall hung or floor mounted in either an undermounted, semi-inset or fully inset position.

Picking a sink for your laundry may seem like a challenge, however, Restoration Online make the job of choosing much simpler, with our range of white laundry sinks. Laundry sinks are one of the hardest working sinks in your entire home. They need to be capable of surviving the dirtiest clothes, pampered pooches, and soaked linen, while still coming out winning in the end. You will need a sink that is hard-wearing, has a large depth and matches the original theme of the house. Our sinks come with all these great qualities and more!

The possibilities are simply endless when choosing from our extensive range of white sinks. If you ever need any help with choosing or ordering your white sink, please do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members.

Matching products

Now that you have chosen your sink, you can add the matching accessories. Every sink requires a tap as a companion. At Restoration Online, we like to spoil our customers for choice with an array of tapware options. Choose from our fabulous kitchen, bathroom and laundry taps in multiple stylish finishes, which will compliment both your sink and the room it is installed in.

Your sink also can’t live without a waste fitting. Either choose to go with a matching white basket waste for a completed, unique look, or choose from our gold or silver wastes for more of a regal look.

Due to the toughness of our sinks, its always a good idea to throw in a protective rubber sink mat or grid, to help protect your best china and glassware from damage.


We ship to all regional and metro areas Australia wide, so whether you are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra or in the country, you can obtain one of these sinks for your next project. We also offer free shipping on all our white sinks, so you know you are getting the best possible deals and quality products in the online market. Order yours today!