Chrome Taps

Chrome Taps

When you browse design magazines and blogs for luxury kitchen and bathroom inspo, you’ll notice that glistening chrome taps are a standard feature in just about every photo. From modern, angular bathroom basin faucets to elegant, curved tap necks arching above deep cottage kitchen troughs, polished chrome fits seamlessly in with any style.

A timeless and practical choice for your home renovation or restoration, chrome tapware remains the number one choice in homes across Australia – even ahead of recent hardware trends like matte black taps, brass taps, gold taps, or brushed nickel taps and accessories.

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What are chrome taps made of?

It might surprise you to know that chrome taps aren’t made 100% of chrome. In actuality, chrome tapware is actually chrome plated. At their core, chrome bathroom taps – or any other chrome taps, for that matter – are typically made of brass. They then undergo a rigorous process called electroplating, during which their protective chrome outer layer is applied. But this doesn’t make them any less authentic or of a lower quality than other tapware finishes. In fact, it puts them well ahead.

Chrome taps came about as a way to reduce the weight of tapware and plumbing and improve their longevity and performance. In fact, chrome – or chromium, as it is formally known – is the hardest of all metals. This means chrome plated brass taps are significantly less easily damaged when compared to their softer, heavier metal counterparts. It can also be polished easily; it has an extremely high melting point (making it able to easily withstand even the most scalding hot shower); and importantly, its anti-oxidation properties mean it takes a very long time to rust or suffer any residual damage from rising salt damp, continued exposure to high-pressure water, or a slow leak.

What are the benefits of using chrome taps?

One of the primary benefits of chrome taps is their impeccable appearance. Some metals shine, but chrome glistens – and it’s super easy to clean! As we mentioned above, chrome taps possess strong anti-rust properties. While fingermarks and other dirt will show up quicker than on other tapware finishes due to chrome’s high polish and smooth surface, cleaning chrome taps is far easier as dirt doesn’t get embedded in porous brushed or mottled metal finishes.

Chrome basin taps are also incredibly aesthetically versatile. Due to their beautiful polished surface, they complement any colour and room design. They’re often used to provide a sophisticated visual counterpoint to singular fittings made in another metal or provide a sleek, subtle accompaniment to a bold choice of basin or cabinetry design.

Modern chrome taps often reflect minimalist design principles, with long, clean lines and hidden functionality like single-handle mixer taps and waterfall spouts. Traditional chrome taps, particularly those reflecting provincial or Victorian aesthetics, tend to feature ceramic or spoked handles and curved or highly detailed tap elements.

If you’ve been pondering the benefits of brushed nickel vs chrome taps, the difference is largely aesthetic. Both are plated and have similar properties when considering corrosion resistance and durability. Where their difference becomes apparent is in how they can affect the visual impact of your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry.

Whereas chrome is bright and highly reflective, brushed nickel is considered more of a ‘satin’ finish. It draws light in but doesn’t throw it back – meaning it can blend into its surroundings, for better or worse. If you’ve installed a stainless steel sink and hoped for your brushed nickel taps to make a statement, you may be disappointed to find they are practically indistinguishable from the basin. Using chrome taps in their stead is a guaranteed way to draw the eye and have a striking visual contrast.

Brushed nickel is also a much warmer finish and can look slightly yellow in some lights. In contrast, chrome taps have a definite cool finish and tend to throw blue or silver tones. Depending on your choice of cabinetry, benchtop, and wall colour, a brushed nickel fitting can make or break a room.

Do chrome taps need regular maintenance?

Like all taps, chrome taps should be wiped over regularly to maintain optimal performance and appearance. It’s also important to avoid using acidic or corrosive cleaning products when cleaning chrome taps. A good wash with warm soapy water and a soft sponge is all you need to remove dirt and grime and get that chrome glowing once more. Easy!