Tradco Door Stops

Tradco Hardware are a trusted family-owned company who have been operating for over 40 years. Tradco bring the largest collection of traditional home fittings to the Australian and New Zealand market. The Tradco range includes hardware items such as door handles, cabinet fittings, light switches, pull handles, and many more small hardware items such as their huge range of Tradco door stops. The range includes both wall and floor mounted designs in a large collection of stunning finishes that match the rest of the Tradco range such as polished and satin brass, chrome and nickel, and antique finishes such as antique brass and antique copper, not forgetting the extremely popular matte black colour of course.

What is the thing that stops the door?

The fitting that sits in between the wall and the door is called a door stop. The door stop has a rubber edge and protects the wall from your door handle leaving mark.

You might be renovating your home and going through the house to see what fixtures need updating. Old, dated fittings like door handles, lighting and kitchen handles can really age your home and give it a drab look. Another fitting that are often old and sometimes broken are rubber door stops. When replacing your door stops consider if you want to opt for a wall or floor mounted door stop, or perhaps even consider a magnetic door stop.

Magnetic door stops are a great choice for front and back doors where there may be a draft, they have the added bonus of not just protecting your walls from being marked, but also holding your doors open which is great for those summer days when you want to leave your screen doors open.

Do hinge door stops work?

Tradco have a collection of hinge door stops with a hook. Hinge doorstops are a great choice when choosing your door stop, they protect your freshly painted doors by their rubber tip, and also have the option to hook the door stop to the wall which holds your doors open. Hinge door stops are a great practical choice for external doors as they operate as a normal door stop, however if you want to leave your front door open, you can operate the hook. It may be a bit more time consuming to hook them shut, however this is more secure than a magnetic door stop.

Which is the most effective location for the door stop?

Tradco have a collection of floor door stops, these are installed on the floor close to the wall, but far enough away to ensure there is a gap large enough to stop your door handle from hitting the wall. If you are interested in a wall door stop, which are available in standard models or magnetic or hook designs, generally you install these onto the wall behind the door.

Can you put a door stop on a door?

Yes! Although wall mounted door stops are typically installed on the wall behind the door, you can also opt to install them on the back of the door.

What size doorstop do I need?

When selecting your door stop, you will notice that the wall mounted door stops are available in various different sizes. The size refers to the projection (how far the door stop will stick out from the wall), measure the project of your door knob or lever and be sure to select a door stop that has a larger projection than your door handle.

Before rushing out and buying your new door stops, consider if you will be replacing your door handles or door hardware. For a unified design, you will want to select everything in same matching finish. We have a helpful guide with details on the characterises of all the tradco finishes to help you decide. Our range includes a large selection of Tradco Door Handles and Tradco Window Fittings to help complete your look.

Tradco Home Fixtures and Fittings

Among tradco’s huge range of hardware is their home fixtures collection, this includes decorative items for your front door such as door knockers, doorbells and push plates, as well as practical items such as coat hooks and hinges. When selecting an essential item like a door hinge, keep in mind there are many different types of hinges, for standard internal doors, a loose pin hinge is the best choice, these are stylish yet practical as they allow you to take the door off the frame for tasks such as painting, without unscrewing the entire hinge as the pin can simply be removed separating the two parts. For standard external doors, a fixed pin hinge is the best choice for security, you cannot simply take the pin out of these hinges which is more secure for a door that leads to the outside. If you have a large architrave or brick wall you want the door to swing around, consider purchasing a broad butt or parliament hinge, these are available in large sizes which will allow your door to swing right around and flat against a wall. To help you select the best size broad butt or parliament hinge we have this helpful guide on how to calculate your hinge size.

When selecting your door hardware including our door stops, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team who can help you choose what is best for your project and answer any questions you might have. At Restoration Online we will ship your new door stops straight to your door worldwide, we service all regional and metro areas of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, as well as internationally including to our New Zealand neighbours, you can calculate the shipping cost in our checkout, contact our team if we can help with anything. For our full range of door stops including styles from more brands head on over to our main door stop page.