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Choosing Standard Latches

Please see below, but we know this can get a bit complicated. Feel free to phone us for friendly assistance or click here to contact us by email.

Firstly, select the function by clicking on the small images to the right of the main image on the product page.

After selecting your handle function (in this case Privacy which is the image with the snib (turn) installed in the backplate), a box will appear where you will be able to select your latches.

On these handles, there are 2 options to select from:
  1. 57mm Backset Privacy Mortice Latch - Select this option if you have a pre-existing mortice (hole) in the edge of the door where a mortice lock has been removed. This option is also aesthetically, this option is more pleasing once installed.
  2. 60mm Backset Passage and Privacy Latches - This option is the most popular. It is a combination of a passage (tubular) latch and a privacy bolt and has the advantage of being simpler to install on new door and doors without previously installed mortice locks.

Please Note: The Privacy Snib and Latches are reversible, so there is no need to consider which side the door is hinged on.

Are there other (non-standard) latches available?


Privacy Mortice Locks are available in 57mm (standard) and 44mm backset sizes.
Passage and Privacy latches are available in 60mm (standard), 70mm and 45mm backsets.

The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of where the handle will be installed. Please see the Measuring Your Backset page for more information (including images) on backsets.

To avoid confusion 44-45mm & 70mm backset locks/latches are not offered as an option when you buy any of our range of door knobs.

There are a couple of reasons for this:
For a 44-45mm backset, when the knob is operated (turned) it can be awkward as there would be very little room between the knob and the door frame (or the other door in the case of double doors), and knuckles are often damaged in the process. These latches will work with the knobs if you are determined to do this, however we do recommend against it.

As the reason to choose a 44-45mm backset is usually that there is a glass panel in the door, and mostly the doors with glass panels are external, often customers install a lever on the external doors and knobs throughout the rest of the house.

For a 70mm backset, these are very unusual and would generally only be installed when replacing a existing 70mm backset latches.

Note* Passage latches are also available in both standard sprung, hard sprung and split cam versions. On each handle we have only provided the appropriate type of latch to be selected. If you are purchasing latches separately it is best to contact us by phone or email to determine the best type of latch for your application.