Tradco Long Backplate Privacy Lever Handle Hardware Requirements

Do I Need a Latch?

A latch is the internal mechanism (installed inside the door) with the tongue protruding from the edge of the door. The latch is what makes the handles functional. Without a latch, the door would not be able to be closed and held in place or opened by turning the handle.

In the case of a privacy handle, you also need a bolt which is also installed inside the door and is thrown into the door frame when you turn the privacy turn or snib. This stops the door from opening and closing when the handle is turned. In the event of an emergency, you can still access the room by using a coin or flat head screw driver in the emergency release to disengage the privacy bolt.

For a fully functional privacy set you will require a set of Privacy lever door handles and a tubular latch + privacy bolt or a privacy mortice lock.

If you are replacing existing door handles, it is very unusual to have existing latches that will work with our handles. Privacy handles across different brands use different latch systems for privacy handles.
If you needed more information on replacing your existing handles, please click here.

Latches can be added to your order with your door handle by following the steps on the product page. If you need assistance with this, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone or click here with help on choosing your latch.