Replacing Existing Handles?

As a rule, our full range of handles can be simply installed after removing your existing handles.

There are two main problems you may come across when doing this.

1. If you have existing tubular latches or mortice locks that you are happy with, in 98% of cases you can even retain these and just replace the handles.

In very rare cases, your existing;tubular latches or mortice locks may not fit our handles.

For your reference, our handles are supplied with a 7.6mm spindle which is standard in Australia. Spindles are the square rod that connect the door handles through the door. Generally door handles are supplied with either a standard or threaded spindle, though depending on the handle and the brand, there are different types of spindles available. To check if the spindle supplied with our handles will work with your existing latches, you will simply need to measure the size (these are square so should be the same size in both directions) of the spindle where it passes through the lock or latch installed in your door.

When it comes to Privacy handles, our Privacy handles use a 7.6mm spindle to operate the door and a 4mm spindle to operate the privacy bolt. This is not standard across all brands so if you are not sure if you need latches for privacy handles, please contact us.

2. In a small number of cases, mostly with handles installed after the 1970s, you may find there is a large (54mm) hole in the face of the door. If you are replacing your door handles, it is a good idea before purchasing any new handles to take off the existing handles to see what the size of the hole drilled through the door is.

If you have a large hole, there are a few ways to combat this.

If you are looking for a handle with a taller backplate, you should choose a handle with a backplate wider than 54mm.

This option will allow you to install the handle over the existing hole without any modifications to the door.

If you are after a handle with a longer backplate, this is your easiest option.

Click here to view all of the handles like this in our range.

If the handle you are interested in has a tall backplate but is less than 54mm wide, you can still install this handle, however the sides of the hole will be exposed. If you are planning to paint this door, you can fill the edges of the hole with a a filler like Turbo Builder’s Bog or Selleys Spakfilla Rapid before you paint the door.

If you are after a handle with a round (rose) backplate, there are some handles like this which are made to work with a 54mm hole. These handles have a backplate or adaptor plate larger than 54mm and use what are called tie-bolts or through screws which are screws that go all the way through the door (through the large hole) and connect to each other with a male and female thread.

These screws when tightened will hold the handle to the face of the door with the backplate or adaptor plate covering the hole drilled into the door.

If you are after a handle with a round (rose) backplate, this is your easiest option.

Click here to view the range of handles which work in this way.

Unfortunately, there are some handles with a rose (round) backplate that cannot be installed onto a door with a 54mm hole as they are supplied with standard wood screws. If you were to try to install these handles, you would not be able to attach the handle to the door as where you would need to screw the handle in, there would be nothing to screw into.

On all of our handles, we have listed if the handle will work with a 54mm hole on the product page under 'Product Details'.

*Note that we will only say that the handle will work if the backplate or adaptor plate will cover the large hole.

If there is any patching required as mentioned above, we say that the handle will not work with a 54mm hole.

You can also use the filters on the side of the door handle categories to display only handles that will work with a 54mm hole.

If you need assistance and would like to make sure that the handles you are interested in will work with your door, please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone.