Black Door Knobs

At Restoration Online we have a large selection of black door knobs. We service and ship to all regional and metro areas of Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart. Our door handle collection includes plain round and oval black door knobs as well as porcelain and glass door knobs on a variety of backing plates such as round and rectangular styles.

Round Black Door Knobs

If you’re searching for a round black door knob you’ve come to the right place, we have a huge range of black door handles including many round black knobs. These are available for internal doors, wardrobe doors and exterior doors such as front and back doors. Our round knobs are available in plain styles, as well as reeded and more decorative hamptons/French provincial styles such as the Milton door knob.

Decorative Black Door Knobs

Make a statement and create a striking home interior with a decorative black door knob, our collection includes simple decorative styles such as reeded and fluted models, however we also offer black door knobs with clear, green, blue and pink glass handles as well as decorative etched glass designs and floral porcelain models. Each of these decorative black door knobs are available for internal and external doors.

Black Lever Door Handles

While black door knobs create a stunning visual appearance, you may prefer to opt for a black lever door handle. Lever handles are very easy to use, they’re a great choice when you’re planning your renovation to last into your retirement years as levers are easier to operate with conditions such as arthritis. We have a large selection of oil rubbed bronze and matte black lever door handles available in passage, privacy, wardrobe and locking functions.

Black Interior Door Knobs

Upgrading to your handles to black interior door knobs is a great way to easily add value to your home and create an instant face lift. Overtime door handles look a bit aged and really drag a room down, adding a fresh coat of paint and some new door knobs gives any room a quick lift. Adding black interior door knobs creates a modern design, the black finish is extremely versatile and suits many eras and home interior design trends. For standard internal doors we recommend a passage set, which simply latches the door shut. For bathrooms and rooms where you want a bit more privacy, choose a privacy door handle, these have a low security lock with an emergency release on the outside. Tie it all together with dummy handles for you wardrobes and linen press doors. Match your new black handles with our huge range of black hardware.