Black Door Handles

Looking to buy matte black door handles in Australia? Here at Restoration Online we have one of the best online ranges of black handles available in the country. We service all metropolitan and regional areas of Australia including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and more. 

Our black handles are sourced from a number of leading manufacturers such as TradcoAgeless Iron and Nostalgic Warehouse. We specialise in Hamptons, vintage, art deco style and everything in between, and have a range of different black finishes including matte black, antique finish, oil rubbed bronze and black iron.

For an on-trend look, consider matte black door handles as this finish has been rising in popularity strongly in recent years. Choosing a matte black finish creates a simple yet bold look whilst being able to blend in well with existing fittings and furniture. Our brands Tradco Hardware and Zanda Architectural both offer a large range of handles in a black finish. Take a look through our stylish selection today.

Black Internal Door Handles

Our internal black door handles are available in many designs such as knobs and levers with round, square and rectangular backing plates just to name a few. Shop our full range of black interior door knobs and door levers online.

If you click on any of our products, you will see you can select the function. For interior doors, the passage function is most common, these are a standard door handle that latch shut without locking. These can be used in a bedroom or between living spaces like the loungeroom and kitchen.

If you’re after something with a little more security, then you can opt for the privacy function, which is a low security locking handle for a bedroom or bathroom. With this handle function you can lock the door for some privacy, however in case of emergency, there is a coin/pin hole release on the other side. This is perfect for use in a home with small children as you have the peace of mind in knowing that they cannot lock themselves into a room and not be able to easily get them out.

Black External Door Handles

One of the most popular styles of front door handles are the euro entry sets. They come with two options for locking your home, depending on the functionality you prefer. Along with the handle, they work with the use of a euro lock (which houses the latch and locking bolt), in conjunction with a euro cylinder (where the key goes into). 

When it comes to the euro cylinder, this can either have a key on the inside and the outside, or key on the outside and turn on the inside. As for the lock bodies themselves, they come in different backset sizes and we have a convenient page here with all the information you require to measure this for the perfect fit.

Add an Old World Feel

Another option if you prefer a more traditional old world feel is the use of a skeleton key mortice lock. As you can tell from the name, these locks come with an old style skeleton key, rather than a more modern key you would find with the euro cylinders. 

If choosing this style, one thing to keep in mind is the fact they only come in one option, to have a key on the inside and outside. This means you do need the key to be able to lock and unlock the door from each side, and the key cannot be left in the door on the inside for easy access.

Or maybe you are after something a little more modern but still with a heritage feel? We have a range of black entry door sets in a thumb latch style, which has been all the rage the last few years. They make a standout statement whilst still giving you options in the locking style you prefer – as they come with either double key, or single key with turn.

Whether you are after internal or external handles we have a range of helpful links on each handle page which will help you select the correct handles required when replacing existing handles, or selecting the backset size for your locks and latches.

Black Pull Handles

For a simplified look, a black pull handle is a great choice for cupboards, doors, and cabinetry. You can also use a pull handle as a front door handle when paired with a euro roller lock, euro cylinder and euro escutcheons

This is an alternative to a functional door handle with a latch, so you can simply push and pull the door open and closed once unlocked. A bonus is the fact the tension on the roller lock can be tightened or loosened to your preference by your builder.

Black Sliding Door Handles

When choosing your door fixtures, don’t forget about sliding doors. You will often have a grand handle on your front door and carefully chosen fixtures for your internal doors, however the sliding doors can often be forgotten as it is more about function than design. 

We offer a range of passage and privacy black sliding door handles suitable for use in cavity sliding doors. These will match our other black handles and hardware.

Match with Black Door and Window Hardware

If you’re updating your home to include black door handles, you may want to replace your door hardware and window hardware, or even your light switches, as most do not think about the fact they are usually right next to your handles. Shop black casement window stays, door stops, door knockers and more in our hardware category to create a cohesive interior design.

Need Help?

Selecting furnishings for your home can be daunting. Our team makes it easy for you. Simply choose a handle style and get in touch with our team and we can help you work out what you need for all the doors in your house. Contact us today.