Brass Handles

Brass Handles

When choosing handles for your home project design, whether it be door handles, cabinet handles or pull handles, you want products that are going to stay relevant even after style trends begin to fade. And what is more timeless than brass? Brass has stood the test of time down through the ages to present day. It’s golden features projecting the essence of royalty and sophistication.

If your design is strictly traditional and has a significant theme based around the Victorian, Edwardian, or Federation era, brass is the perfect way to tie everything together whilst reminiscing on things of old. If you’re trying to accomplish a more modern vibe, consider brass as the perfect additional bling that your space needs. Perhaps your project is sitting on the fence and hints to both a classic and a contemporary style. If this is the case, then brass handles will marry these transitional elements together to create a harmonious flow throughout your home.

Whether you’re in the market for some brand-new door handles, a new look for your cabinetry, or handles that can make a statement, Restoration Online has you covered. There’s no need to look any further than our one stop shop.

Benefits of Brass

It could be your loungeroom, kitchen or bathroom that appears a little dull these days. You’re getting tired of seeing the same space day after day and you decide it’s time to add in something fresh. Brass is the perfect way to add a touch of brightness into any room. Brass can instantly turn a gloomy room into a refreshed and cheery living space that beckons you in with an open invitation.

Brass comes with many benefits, both as a material and as a finish. All our brass handles are made from real brass. Brass handles come from many forms of brass which include, forged brass, cast brass and sheet brass. Forged brass handles are solid and heavy. This process is achieved by melting down the brass and pouring it into a mould. Cast brass has a similar process to that of forged brass, but results in a lighter and more hollow brass. Sheet brass is made literally from a sheet of thin brass which is then stamped and shaped into each product. It’s the lightest of all the brasses and was traditionally used for many handles as it was much more cost-effective. These different processes result in handles that scream quality, along with lots of TLC.

As a finish, polished brass and satin brass is a beautiful vibrant colour. When you use brass finished handles for your project, its like adding jewellery to your home. Polished and satin brass glistens in the sunlight and adds warmth and elegance to your living space, inspiring a cosy feeling from room to room. Both polished brass and satin brass tarnish over time with use, which adds an element of love and age to your home. This works for both traditional and modern spaces, especially since the rise in popularity of satin/brushed brass. If you have pre-existing hardware that has already tarnished and you wish to skip the tarnishing process of new hardware to match, then choosing unlacquered brass handles is the way to go.

Lacquered vs unlacquered

Depending on your project, you have the option to choose between shiny lacquered brass handles or unlacquered brass handles, which both come with their own benefits and features.

Lacquered brass handles such as the standard polished brass and satin brass come with a protective clear coat lacquer that prevents the item from tarnishing quickly. Over time and with use, the clear lacquer will wear off in places that are handled the most which will expose the raw brass underneath resulting in a beautiful, aged patina look.

Unlacquered polished and satin brass on the other hand, skips this process and is designed to age naturally overtime at a much faster rate. This finish is perfect for matching existing brass hardware that has already been through the ageing process, or for those wanting to achieve that old time look almost instantly without having to remove the clear lacquer from each product.

These finishes are all low maintenance and are sure to create the desired look and vision you have been dreaming of.

Types of Brass Handles

Restoration Online offers you a wide range of brass handles to suit the needs of your restoration or renovation project. Perhaps you require new brass door handles, like a door lever or door knob, or you’re planning on giving your cabinets and cupboards a facelift with some new kitchen knobs, Drawers pulls, or kitchen pull handles. Even if you’re after some simple door pull handles in that good old polished brass finish, you can find it all on our website.

Offered to you by some of Australia’s leading manufacturers and trusted brands such as Tradco Hardware, Zanda, Castella, Iver and N2lok hardware, just to name a few. Not to mention our premium handles that are known for their amazing quality and grand designs by our overseas supplier Nostalgic Warehouse.

Matching hardware

The great thing about the brass finish, is that it goes with anything. Whether you have gone for a quirky and unique design where you have mixed finishes, or whether you have gone for a complete matching look with all Brass hardware in a unified layout, our brass handles are sure to tie in flawlessly.

If you are settled on brass handles and have these throughout your home already, why not add some matching brass tapware, brass lighting, hinges, bolts, light switches or even your bathroom accessories. It’s never been easier than placing an order online and having the products delivered straight to your door. With help from Restoration Online, you can achieve this coherent flow of hardware throughout each room of your home. Be your own master of your project design with restoration online.


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