Brass Taps

Brass Taps

Every kitchen, bathroom or laundry room throughout your home is never complete without it’s tapware. With many styles, finishes and sizes available through our company, taps are the perfect way to add influential accents throughout your project. Anyone can go for a standard chrome tap and call it a day, but with so many options out there, it would be a wasted opportunity to miss out on purchasing a tap that not only looks beautiful installed but can tie in with the themes of your design. With our amazing range of brass taps, you will be totally spoilt for choice. Buying a brass tap is the best way to upgrade your kitchen without having to also update it. Suited to many traditional styles, brass taps provide the perfect ratio of glow and warmth to any space. They provide a soothing tranquil feeling to the bathroom, a sense of royalty to the kitchen and an elegant sturdy sense to your laundry. There are even brass tap options available for contemporary home designs.

Brass taps can be considered as jewellery for the home and leaves the impression that you care about even the smallest of details for your home fit-out. At Restoration Online, we aim to provide our customers with products that are long-lasting and reliable. Sourced from world-leading, trusted manufacturers and brands, using Restoration Online, you can purchase beautiful reproduction tapware that will help to define your layout to the finest detail.

Is Brass Tapware Popular?

By doing a quick google search, you will find that brass tapware is currently one of the biggest trends being implemented now. Considered to be one of the best types of metal for taps, brass as both a material and a finish is very popular. Brass is known for its durability which can stand up against wear and tear and is also one of the oldest materials used for faucets.

Brass will never go out of style as it is simply a timeless finish. With several mounting styles available which includes bench, wall, floor and ceiling positions, you will be able to bring your design dreams to life. Used throughout history and even within this modern age, its popularity will continue well into the future, especially with all the new range options that are now available.

Why Choose Brass Taps

If you’re undecided on which finish to choose for your taps, then it may be a good idea to seriously consider brass as your final decision. There are several reasons as to why you would want to choose this finish and material for your tapware for your upcoming project.

Brass taps suit a range of different styles including traditional, classic and heritage style homes. This finished is also often used in transitional home designs, that feature components from both past and present. The elegant shine of a brass tap adds sophistication, warmth, and cosiness elements all at once, to any space. Brass can offer a lovely contrast when placed against crisp whites, dramatic blacks, greens, or similar earthy toned backgrounds. Like your own piece of gold shining brightly from within your own home. When paired with a white sink, it will offer your taps the opportunity to express their true vibrant colours and show both you and your visitors what they are capable of.

There are many variations of the brass finish you can choose from to complete the exact look you wish to achieve. This includes shiny polished brass, satin brass, or raw polished brass. If you are looking for even more rustic versions of the finish, there is also the weathered brass and industrial brass options available. Satin brass, otherwise known as brushed brass, can be used as a contemporary twist to use in a Modern build or to achieve the popular ‘Hamptons’ style which is considered as chic and popular right now. Raw polished brass is the perfect option to go for if you are trying to update your home but also keep your products dated to match your existing vintage products.

Brass taps can be perfectly paired with other household hardware used for your cabinetry, such as brass handles and drawer pulls. Brass can be used to place little pops of colour in the duller areas of a room to really brighten things up. Brass is corrosion-resistant and will not need to be replaced due to rust unlike aluminium and plated steel products. It also has great durability, so you know that the product will last and stand the tests thrown its way.

Types of brass

If this is not the desired look that you wish to achieve, then we would suggest opting for a non-tarnishing finish instead. If it’s the old school, rustic age look you are after, then you know you have made the right choice by choosing the brass finish.

At Restoration Online we offer both tarnishing and non-tarnishing finishes for our product. Plated brass, like Brass gold, satin, or brushed gold, is made up of a mixture brass and other materials such as gold which creates an anti-tarnishing finish, that will stay looking shiny and new.

The normal nature of brass is to tarnish quickly, so any of the raw brass finishes will do this. If you have any existing tarnished brass fittings in your home that you would like to match with your tapware, then you can do this with our Brass taps.

Whether you require a brass mixer tap for your kitchen, or bath, basin or shower taps for your bathroom, you have the option to select the perfect finish material to suit the theme of your design every time. Delivered to you by some of Australia’s leading manufacturers in the industry including, 1901 Taps, CB Ideal, Fienza, Armando Vicario, Turner Hastings and more! For our range of premium tapware manufactured in gorgeous Italy, check out our full range of Nicolazzi Brass Tapware.

Matching products

If you haven’t already purchased a sink to go with your taps, then that is the next step on your list. We offer an amazing range of kitchen, laundry, and bathroom sinks to pair with your stylish new tapware so that your dream design can become a reality. While you’re in the process of buying your sink, don’t forgot to add a matching basket waste!

Match your tapware to your kitchen handles, cabinetry handles and even your door handles, depending on where your taps are stationed. You can consider Restoration Online as your one stop shop for all the necessary products for your project.


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