Bronze Handles

Bronze Handles

Every Australian home needs it’s handles. It’s non-negotiable. Handles are a basic requirement for any build and are necessary for the smooth functioning of a home. The question is what handles do you choose? Whether you need handles for your doors, kitchen, or bathroom Restoration Online has you covered. We’re here to help you choose the perfect range of handles for your upcoming renovation or restoration project. Our range of bronze handles are perfect for home designs and suit numerous styles. Perhaps you have a more traditional theme such as a country farmhouse, which may require a handle that is more rustic. Many of our handles also suit more heritage style builds including Federation, Edwardian and Victorian. If your style is more contemporary, we do have a whole range of bronze handles to suit a more modern environment. With an intense colour finish and clean-cut lines, your handles are destined to stand out and make a statement wherever they are installed.

The bronze finish is a unique, distinct finish that is quite different than your standard chrome or brass handles. Bronze can be used to tell a story. As the finish ages, it continues to develop character and portrays the owner’s way of living. This means your vision of being a little different from the rest can become a reality. Bronze is special because it can either be bold and stand out or can blend in with the rest of your hardware creating a seamless look. It just depends on what background you decide to pair with your handles. Look to Restoration Online for your inspiration and start your shopping experience!

Why should you choose bronze handles?

All of our bronze handles are manufactured with brass as the base material. This has many benefits in itself, as brass is durable and resistant to corrosion. This means they are strong and long lasting which is what you want when you’re on the search for new handles. As mentioned above bronze is a classy finish design that offers stunning vintage aesthetics but can also be well suited to any modern design. It is great for adding a touch or elegance to your home, while bringing a warm earthy tone to any space in which it is placed. It’s a finish that is inviting and makes your home feel cosy and comfy through the cooler months and even through the warmer times.

When set against a white background bronze handles show true vibrancy along with their true colours. They almost seem warm to the touch and can provide a calming and relaxed atmosphere. These handles can be used to bring an otherwise dull space, back to life, which is both eye-catching and pleasing to the eye. Bronze handles also work nicely with a wooden or timber background. The tones from the wood often will match the tones found in bronze handles, creating a unified look with minimal effort. If a warm cosy environment is the look you’re wishing to achieve, then bronze handles are the way to go.

Types of Bronze Handles

Once you’ve decided to go with the bronze finish for your handles, then the next step is picking the handles required for your project. At Restoration Online, we offer many types, styles and sizes of bronze handles that can suit any project. Start by assessing your design and vision and where the handles are going to be placed. Is your theme traditional, modern, or perhaps it’s a bit of both and can be considered more of a transitional space.

If you’re revamping all your current door hardware, then perhaps you’re in the market for bronze door handles. Select from an extensive range of bronze doorknobs, bronze lever handles or bronze pull handles. You can use the filters on our website to shop by colour for handles and then shop by colour for your door hardware. From there you can coordinate all your hardware together in the same finish which will create a cohesive flow throughout your entire home or project.

If you already have your door handles outfitted with handles from Restoration Online and you require Bronze Cabinet Handles instead, then we have a fabulous range of cabinet handles including, bronze kitchen handles and bronze knobs. This range of cabinetry hardware can be used as the perfect tools to give your kitchen or bathroom a brand-new facelift, if you will. These handles can also be used for restoring old pieces of furniture. If you are restoring furniture, we also have a great range furniture handles and hardware that is dedicated to furniture that can assist you.

All of these products are brought to you by some of Australia’s leading manufacturers currently in the industry. This includes some of the most well-known and trusted Australian brands, such as Tradco Hardware, Castella, Zanda and Hepburn hardware to name a few. These brands aim to bring you sturdy and quality hardware, that can be used to create your dream vision.

If a touch of regal and high-class is what you’re wishing to achieve with in your home, then you can check out our bronze handles offered in our premium range. These style handles will bring sophistication to your project and are brought to you from our overseas suppliers such as Nostalgic Warehouse and Grandeaur Hardware which are exclusive to Restoration Online. Not to mention Iver Hardware which is based right here in Australia. The possibilities are endless when you choose bronze handles!

What Finishes Classify as Bronze?

Our suppliers offer a range of beautiful bronze styled finishes. Each is slightly different to the other and will display its own special qualities when installed in your home. You can choose from the popular Antique Brass finish, which is aged by hand and will continue to age overtime. Perhaps the Antique Copper finish is a little more to your taste. Pick from our true bronze handles and our premium handles in Oil Rubbed Bronze. There are many finishes that fall under the ‘Bronze’ finish category which gives you many style opportunities that you can work with.

Related Products

If bronze is not quite the look you are going for, then we have an extensive range of other related products that you can choose from. Choose from kitchen handles, window hardware, light switches, sinks and taps and many more.

If you have any questions about any of our products or would like some assistance with placing an order, do not hesitate to contact us as and speak to one of our experienced and friendly sales team.


We service and ship to all regional and metro areas of Australia including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart. Our handles can also be shipped overseas to countries such as New Zealand or the United States for example. Regardless of your location, you can still have access to these beautiful pieces of hardware with just a few clicks of a button.