Panic Bolts

They may be small, but Door Bolts can play a large part in keeping your door steadfast and providing extra security. At Restoration Online we offer a wide range of all-purpose door bolts. Our bolts come in a range of styles, finishes, and sizes that you will be able to incorporate into your new renovation or restoration project.

Included in our range we have Panic bolts, Flush Bolts, Barrel bolts, Patio Bolts and much more! These bolts provide decorative finishing touches to your project, along with keeping your doors and windows secure. When planning your design, we recommend purchasing your hardware from the same brand and in the same finish. This will give your overall project and home décor a sense of unity as your hardware weaves throughout your home. Restoration Online offers some of the most well-known Australian leading brands for you to choose all things hardware from.

Our Door Bolts are often used in traditional settings as they are specially designed in a beautiful, classical style. They suit a range of different period styles such as Art Deco, Californian Bungalow, Federation, Victorian, Edwardian and more.

What are Panic Bolts?

Panic Bolts, also commonly known as Surface Mount Bolts, are both stronger and larger than your standard barrel bolt. They are durable and heavy duty, which helps to provide further security to your door. Not only do these bolts help to hold your door in place but they add an extra layer of security to a door that already has door locks installed.

They can be used on French doors on the non-functional side to keep it stationary while you open and close your functional door. Panic bolts are a great option if you need a bolt to be installed on the face of your door rather than on the edge like a normal flush bolt. A Flush Bolt will need to be mortised into the door, unlike the panic bolt which can be secured to the door using screws only.

Meet the suppliers

Meet the masterminds behind these range of door bolts.

Southern Design Group is a trusted Australian brand and is one of Australia’s leading architectural hardware specialists. They have produced both the Tradco and Iver ranges that have filled so many homes and lives with beautiful, not to mention creative, pieces of hardware. Built on strong service standards, Southern Design Group strive to provide high quality products and create home designs that spark inspiration into any project. Tradco offers an extensive range of items including, door handles, window hardware, light switches, door stops, hinges and cabinet hardware. Their products are offered in multiple finishes to accommodate the theme of your project and allow you to match your hardware throughout your home.

Zanda Architectural Hardware, another Australian owned company offer high-end products which are popular among tradesmen and home renovators. Zanda focus on both aesthetics and functionality of their designs. They offer a range of bolts, Deadbolts, sliding door handles and more!

Why is it called a Panic Bolt?

Have you ever wondered why a panic bolt is called a panic bolt? Me too! I like to think that it was named this for the following reason. You’re running! You’re in a panic! Imagine you’re being chased by a murderer, and you find yourself headed straight for a super convenient panic room. You run inside and slam the door shut. You reach up with trembling fingers and instead of wasting precious seconds trying to lock a fiddly barrel bolt, failing, and getting murdered in your tracks, instead you find a beautiful panic bolt supplied to you by your number one store, Restoration Online. In one quick motion, you flick the bolt into place, you’re safe! The killer slams into the door and falls to the ground, anguish spread across his face. Foiled again, if only people stopped buying trusty panic bolts. You experience victory. You did it, you survived and didn’t die! All thanks to your high quality, durable, secure panic bolt. This is why a panic bolt is called a panic bolt. Available in multiple finishes. Each item sold separately. Stay sexy and don’t get murdered, just buy a panic bolt from Restoration Online. Please note, our company does not take liability for anyone who tries to survive a situation such as this, relying on nothing but a panic bolt.

Why do you need bolts on double doors?

These panic bolts can be installed at the top or bottom of the door. You may wish to add bolts to the side of the door that you use the least on your double doors. Bolts will secure the non-functioning side of the door in place, so that you can freely use one side of the door to go in and out. When you want to have more space, you can simply un-lock your other door with ease and open up both of your doors at the same time. If the door is an external door, it will also help your doors stay in place and not be affected by raging winds. Not only do these bolts keep your door in place but they also add extra security to your double doors which help to deter intruders.

Gate Hardware

Perhaps your project is outdoors, and you are looking for a bolt to latch your quaint garden gate shut. At Restoration Online we also offer Gate bolts and other Gate Hardware which you can use when shifting your project outdoors.

Door Hardware

At Resoration Online, our extensive ranges of products allow you to match all of your door hardware together. Match your panic bolts to your Door Handles, Door Stops, Hinges, French Door Hardware and even your Window Hardware.


Our door bolts are shipped Australia Wide, including to major capital cities such as, Sydney, Darwin, Perth and Canberra. We also ship these products to regional areas also.

If you live overseas, in New Zealand or the United States for an example, you can still order these products and have them delivered to your location as we do ship these same products overseas.