Modern Black Kitchen Sinks

At Restoration Online, we are known for being Australia’s largest online retailer of Belfast and Butler Sinks, along with a range of other options such as granite and stainless steel sinks. We supply leading brands including Shaws Sinks, 1901 Fireclay Sinks, Chambord Sinks and Turner Hastings. Recently, black sinks have become more popular and we have a range of sizes, styles and materials to suit every kitchen.

Our black fireclay sinks are perfect for a kitchen centred on entertaining, and for customers who are looking for a statement piece which will perfectly complement styles such as Shaker, Hamptons and Industrial themed kitchens. For more contemporary designer kitchens and minimalist, Scandinavian homes, our black stainless steel and granite options might be more suitable, as they offer a sleek, subtle look.

Are black sinks a good idea?

This is a common question, and the answer is yes! We have black sinks in several different materials and styles, each with their unique benefits. Black sinks can be used as kitchen sinks or laundry sinks, to suit a huge range of styles and design aesthetics.

In terms of classic style, you can’t go past a fireclay butler sink, whether you are going with traditional white or choosing a more striking black option. Black Fireclay sinks will look perfect in a period kitchen with a contemporary twist, matched with our range of kitchen taps and kitchen & cabinet handles. Choose matching black taps and handles or contrast with a shiny nickel or brass.

A black fireclay sink has the exact same properties as a white one – fireclay is an extremely durable material, more so than other ceramics such as porcelain. Scratch resistant, stain resistant, hypoallergenic, these sinks are extremely hygienic and food-safe.

See our information page about Fireclay sinks for more detailed information: Are Fireclay sinks Durable?

Our black Granite sinks feature the Schock Sinks collection, manufactured in Germany and made up to 80% quartz, which results in a hard and long-lasting sink. These state of the art sinks are available in a drop in option, which is perfect for laminate bench tops; or an undermount option, which is ideal if you want to achieve a sleek finish in your kitchen.

We offer black Stainless Steel Sinks in the Piazza range, which have a PVD finish with a Titanium Oxide Coating. This means the end product is durable, scratch and impact resistant and easy to clean. This range can be used to either blend in to your black bench top, or stand out as a contrast to white benches and tiles. They are perfect for more modern kitchens - and choosing a black sink rather than normal stainless steel adds a statement and a luxury touch.

How do you take care of a black sink?

For any fireclay sink, black or white, care and cleaning is the same. They are extremely easy to keep clean because of their non-porous surface which is smooth and prevents stains and odours. We recommend using a soft cloth, soap and water or a non-abrasive multipurpose cleaner, and wiping down your sink daily.

Cleaning stainless steel and granite sinks is simple – wash with a mild soap or detergent then rinse with tap water daily. Occasionally you may need to do a heavier clean, in which case we recommend using a paste of bicarbonate soda or a soft bristle brush, and softly rub in the direction of the polished surface, then rinse with tap water. Avoid using any abrasive scourers, bleaches and harsh chemicals that could stain or discolour the surface of the sink.

Do black kitchen sinks stain or scratch easily?

When it comes to our fireclay range of black sinks, they are extremely difficult to scratch or chip – you are more likely to break a plate or glass than damage the sink, which is why we recommend using a sink grid or sink mat.

All of our black sinks, whether fireclay, stainless steel or granite, have non-porous surfaces, which means they do not stain easily and are easy to wipe clean. Fireclay in particular has antibacterial qualities and is chemical resistant, which is why it is the material of choice for laboratory sinks.

Ensure you treat your sink with care. While all of our products are made from durable, scratch resistant materials, they are of course not indestructible, and can be damaged during installation or when dropping heavy cast iron pots and other items into the sink.

How do I order a black kitchen sink?

Once you’ve chosen your preferred style and type of black sink, you’ll want to make sure you have selected a suitable size for your kitchen – we recommend checking with your builder or cabinetmaker to ensure your choice will fit the space in your kitchen and is the right type for your sink. Some benches are more suited to undermounted or drop in sinks, so its good to know which is best for your kitchen.

You’ll also want to think about tapware – do you want to choose a mixer tap or 3 hole kitchen tap set? Are you going for something more ornate such as bridging set taps? The space and style of your kitchen might point you towards a particular tap choice, so gain, check with the experts such as your plumber and cabinetmaker. It’s better to make the right choice at the beginning than worry about returning items later!

Lastly, choose your kitchen handles, either in matching black or a contrasting colour like Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass or Chrome. Select from kitchen and cabinet knobs, pull handles and drawer pulls.

Once you’ve added the sink plus any other items like tapware and handles to the cart, simply follow the prompts and head to the checkout! We accept credit card, PayPal or bank deposits, and all of our sinks and taps include free shipping, Australia-wide! Whether you live in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane or Hobart, or regional areas around the country, we can ship your black sink quickly and for no additional cost.

If you need a hand choosing your black sink or any other items to match, or have a question about any of our models, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly Restoration Online team via phone, email or live chat.