Are Fireclay Sinks Durable?

Fireclay sinks are sometimes confused with porcelain or ceramic, and this leads to misconceptions about its durability. Genuine fireclay is much stronger than either porcelain or ceramic as it is a reinforced clay. Pre-fired clay is crushed and mixed in with wet, natural clay that is poured into sink moulds. Each sink is uniquely handcrafted using time-tested techniques over three hundred years old. Moreover, all our brands offer guarantees of the quality of their product.

Modern Glazing Technology and the Solid Fireclay make for a strong finish

Advanced Glazing Techniques create a durable and non-porous finish on the already solid fireclay. Because it’s non-porous, nothing you put into the sink penetrates the surface. This means your fireclay sink is odour and stain resistant, having antibacterial qualities that make it hypoallergenic. It is also chemical resistant and safe to use in science labs and schools.

Fireclay sinks are also heat and impact resistant, reducing the risk of chips, scratches, and cracking. When you combine a durable material, like fireclay, with the best glazes available, the result a sink that is resistant to a range of potential hazards.

Fireclay Sinks Are the Perfect Fit for Your Life and Home

Restoration Online has a broad variety of sink styles made in authentic fireclay; there is one to suit any interior décor. Fireclay sinks are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and outdoor kitchens because of their quality and durability.

Fireclay sinks are easy to clean and care for, needing only a quick wipe with soap and water to keep them shining.

Designed for Endurance

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