Drop in Fireclay Sinks

Restoration Online offer some of the finest Drop In Fireclay Sinks for the Australian market.

Our Drop In Fireclay Sinks are available in a range of sizes and shapes; from small to large, round or square, we have drop in fireclay sinks to suit just about any application. If you are limited for space then look no further than our smallest drop in fireclay sink, the 1901 Lab Sink 2. The Shaws Classic Inset Sink is the perfect size for any butler’s pantry. For the ultimate drop-in kitchen sink, you can’t go wrong with the Turner Hastings Lusitano Double Bowl Inset Kitchen Sink with Drainer - with two bowls as well as a built in draining board, it is both beautiful and functional.

For the discerning interior designer, matte black drop in fireclay sinks can now be purchased. Black sinks have become extremely popular as an alternative to more conventional stainless-steel sinks as they offer exceptional design flexibility. Strike the perfect balance between traditional and modern styling with the Turner Hastings Cuisine Inset Sink in Matte Black.

Drop In Fireclay Sinks also make excellent veggie sinks. Add versatility to your kitchen and make meal preparation a breeze by pairing the 1901 Lab Sink 4 with a larger Belfast or Butler Sink.

Our classic white ceramic drop in fireclay sinks are durable, versatile, and timeless. Whether you are looking to replace your laundry sink or maximise space with a new kitchen sink, whatever the application, you’re sure to find the drop in fireclay sink that fits perfectly into your project.

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What is a drop-in fireclay sink?

Also known as inset sinks, top-mount sinks, or self-rimming sinks, the defining feature of a drop-in sink is that it has a lip or rim at the top. As the name suggests, the sink is dropped into a pre-cut hole in the benchtop. Rather than falling to the floor and smashing into pieces, the sink is held aloft by the lip. The lip sits on top of the benchtop and is visible when the sink is installed. Unlike apron sinks that allow for an exposed face, the front of a drop-in sink is not exposed but rather is covered by cabinetry.

How is a drop-in fireclay sink different from an undermount fireclay sink?

The main point of difference between these two styles of sinks is that a drop-in fireclay sink has a lip or rim at the top. The lip, which rests on the countertop, is normally about 25mm wide, and is visible when the sink is installed. By comparison, a traditional undermount fireclay sink, or apron sink, does not have this lip. Instead, the benchtop will cover the top of the sink, and usually overlap the edge by about 10mm.

This lip makes drop-in fireclay sinks compatible with any type of benchtop, including laminate, because the sink will cover any raw cut edges. So long as an appropriate sealant is used between the counter and the lip, there is no cause for concern that water will seep into the chipboard or cause swelling or damage to the benchtop. By contrast, undermount fireclay sinks are not suitable for installation into laminate benchtops but rather are typically limited to benchtops made of solid non-porous material such as stone, cement, or marble.

Undermount fireclay sinks usually need to be installed by a professional with specialist masonry cutting tools. This is because careful measurements must be taken to ensure that the countertop is cut to the correct size to ensure a perfect fit. By contrast, the same level of accuracy is not required when installing a drop-in fireclay sink. The hole in the benchtop simply needs to be wide enough for the bowl of the sink, but still with enough space to suspend the rim. This allows for more flexibility and is especially useful if you are replacing an existing sink and do not want to replace your entire countertop. As such, drop-in fireclay sinks are much simpler, quicker, and easier to install and so are the preferred option for the DIY-er.

How do you install a drop-in sink?

Installing a drop-in fireclay sink can seem intimidating, but it may be easier than you think!

As the name suggests, a drop-in fireclay sink is installed by cutting a hole in the benchtop and then placing the sink into the hole. Drop-in fireclay sinks have a lip or rim at the top, and this lip sits on the benchtop and holds the sink aloft. The hole size is determined by the size of the bowl. The hole needs to be big enough for the bowl to sit in, but not so big that the lip has nothing to rest on.

A flexible silicon sealant should be used between the countertop and the sink to prevent water seeping underneath or into the benchtop. The sealant will also keep the sink in place, so no special under bench clips or brackets should be needed.

Drop-in fireclay sinks can be installed in any benchtop including wood, granite, or even laminate.

Can a drop-in fireclay sink be undermounted?

Absolutely! You can also undermount a drop-in fireclay sink making them truly one of the most versatile styles of sink. The only point of difference is that, unlike traditional undermounted fireclay sinks that do not have a lip, you would not expose the front of a drop-in fireclay sink that is undermounted. That is, you would need to have cabinetry in front of the sink rather than having the exposed apron style front. For more information regarding installation please refer to our installation guide.

What other types of sinks do you offer?

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