Exposed Shower Sets

When renovating your bathroom you have a lot of decisions, colour scheme, tiles, basins, layout and tapware. When it comes to tapware your options are endless. You could opt for a simple design, but sometimes you want to make a feature of your taps, that is when exposed shower set tapware is a fantastic option. Exposed shower sets are practical and stylish, we offer exposed shower sets from leading brands such as Bastow, Fienza, Meir, CB Ideal and Phoenix tapware.

What is an exposed shower set? An exposed shower set is when the breech (the metal tubes that connect the handles to the shower rose) is designed to be on the outside rather than within the wall. This creates a more industrial look and feel. If you are looking for a more minimalist design then perhaps consider a shower arm and head only paired with your wall mixer or wall top assembies. Our exposed shower sets have adjustable heads so that you can adjust the direction of the water flow.

Exposed shower sets are available in many varieties, brands like Bastow and CB Ideal make traditional style exposed shower sets that are perfect for traditional and heritage bathrooms. They are available to order in traditional finishes just as polished brass, copper and raw brass that will tarnish to create an antique or industrial look. If you’re renovating your bathroom in a more modern classic style, exposed shower taps selected in a black finish create a modern look while still providing a traditional touch.

Exposed Bath Shower Sets

Exposed shower sets are also available as a bath shower set. This is when you have a large exposed tap with a shower head that also has a bath spout at the bottom, such as this model by CB Ideal. There are many different bath/shower exposed set options including designs that are floor mounted and some that have a separate telephone spray tap. Most traditional style exposed tapware also has the tap handles attached to the exposed tap set. When choosing a bath shower set, you have an easy to use all in one tap that diverts between the shower head and bath spout. Bath Shower sets are available in many finishes such as chrome, brass, black, copper and more.

Modern Exposed Shower Sets

A modern take on the exposed shower set is a shower rail tap, these shower rail taps either have just a handspray on a rail, or a hand spray as well as a large rainfall shower head on a rail, which we call a twin rail shower. The rainfall shower heads are available in 200mm, 300mm and 400mm. These modern taps are paired with a shower mixer lever or a pair of wall top assembly taps. What are wall top assemblies? These are when you have two separate taps on the wall, one for hot, and one for cold, rather than a mixer lever tap that operates the hot and cold water.

We offer shower rails in many popular finishes such as black, brushed brass and brushed nickel and in various designs including shower rails with round and square shower heads. Modern shower rails have a similar design statement as an exposed shower set, with the practicality of being able to adjust the height of your hand spray shower for people with differing heights in your home.

Traditional Tapware

Exposed tapware is a perfect choice when you have a traditional or provincial style bathroom. Provincial and hamptons style bathrooms are becoming a very popular choice when building a new home or renovating an existing home. We have one of the largest assortments of traditional bathroom taps in Australia to match your shower set, such as basin taps and bath taps, we recommend purchasing all of your tapware from the one brand to ensure that finishes and handles match between your shower, bath and basin taps. If you are looking for something timeless, classic and durable you can’t beat polished chrome, the finish will last a lifetime. We also offer our tapware in special finishes such as gold, black, brushed brass and nickel.

Tie your entire bathroom together with our huge range of toilets, basins, vanities and shower curtain rails. Select bathroom accessories in the same brand as your tapware to ensure a cohesive design, items like toilet roll holders, hand towel holders and towel rails can be overlooked but are worth your consideration when used daily. When you purchase from Restoration Online we will deliver your new bathroom items to your door anywhere in Australia, don’t delay your project by not having your fixtures waiting. Order in advance and have what you need when you need it.

Ceramic Discs vs Standard Washers

You will notice an option on many of our taps is the choice between standard washers and ceramic discs. Lever handles are supplied standard with ceramic discs, but when choosing the more traditional ‘cross’ handle, you need to choose between the two.

A standard washer is a washer we are all familiar with, when you turn the tap off, the tighter you turn it off the more ‘off’ the tap is. Whereas with a ceramic disc, it has more of a ‘clunk’ off feel, so you don’t need to keep turning the tap tighter to be off. Ceramic discs are more expensive as they last much longer than standard washers.

How long do standard washers last? Washers generally need to be replaced every 2-5 years, however it depends on the quality of the tap, and how hard you turn the tap off. If you are gentle with your tap it will last much longer. If you have worn out your washer then you will notice your tap may start to drip and it will be come harder to turn off.

How long do ceramic disks last? In theory, a lifetime. You will most likely never have to replace ceramic disc. The only thing that can happen is the disc can be cracked if you slam the tap off. We offer tapware from quality brands, so the discs do not wear out with normal use.

What is rapid action? You will notice on our CB Ideal brand tapware the choice is between standard washers and rapid action washers. CB Ideal have created their own patented washer which is an improvement on the ceramic disc, they cannot be cracked as they are made of brass rather than ceramic inside.

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