Shower Rails

When renovating your bathroom, you will be looking for functionality without compromising on style and design. As restoration and building specialists with over 40 years of experience, here at Restoration Online we offer a range of products, including shower rails to suit your needs. Whether you are after a sleek black modern shower tap, a traditional brass finish, a contemporary feel with chrome, or a cosy warm cottage feel, we have you covered.

What is a Shower Rail

There are two types of shower rails taps and these are a single or twin, depending on the functionality you require and the look you desire. Both come in stunning designs and finishes, so you will be spoilt for choice when selecting a shower rail through our website.

A single or standard shower rail is quite a common choice, but with the finish options we can provide, it is far from ordinary. They consist of a single shower head that is attached to hose, have a single water entry point on the wall, and two anchor points on the wall. Though this can vary as we also have the option of disability shower rails, and these may have extra anchor points for stability. As for the twin rails, these are similar to the single rails with the way they are fixed, have a handheld shower – with the added bonus of a fixed shower head at the top as well. No matter if you decide on a single or a twin shower rail, most will be attached to a sliding rail, and this means they can be adjusted to any height to suit a range of applications. They can make a wonderful additional to any bathroom and as the brands we offer do more than taps, you can match with your other bathroom fittings.

There are many reasons they are one of the most popular options when it comes to shower taps and especially when it comes to installation. For the most part as they have the one water connection, they can usually be DIY installed without the help of a plumber. We always suggest any tapware is installed by a professional, however obviously in some cases this is not possible, so a shower rail would be the best option. Another being the handheld shower on either a single or twin sliding rail shower allowing easy cleaning of your shower and is even a great tool for washing your dog!

One main thing to keep in mind when selecting a shower rail are the handles that may or may not be needed for your specific selection. Some of the rail showers will come with the water mixer handle attached or a mixer as well as a diverter if ordering a twin, however this is not always the case. Some of the other options include, separate wall top assembly taps, wall mixers or a wall mixer and diverter combination tap. It can be a little confusing, but we have tried our best to make the ordering process as easy as possible. The matching handle, mixer or diverter options will be on the same product page as additional if they are not included with the product. If at all you need any help deciding what you need, you are welcome to contact us.

Brands, Finishes and More!

Variety is the spice of life, so they say. You will find a multitude of products to bring your bathroom design to life and make your dream a reality. Not only do our leading brands offer a range of shower rail taps, but you will also find all your bathroom needs online so you can choose similar colours and finishes that will tie your overall design together for a cohesive look - Such as bathroom sinks, bathroom basin taps and bath taps.

Our range is ever growing; however, we try and keep our standards high and so do the suppliers we deal with. Some of these well-known brands are Abey, CB Ideal, Bastow, Fienza and Meir and their products are backed by manufacturer’s warranty. As well as all their products being Wels rated and watermarked to comply with Australian standards, so you can rest easy that your items are of the highest quality. Not only are they practicalities of the products alluring, but they also come in a range of stunning finishes to suite any tastes. Such as chrome, black, brass and bronze, as well as special bespoke finishes from Australian made and owned brand CB Ideal – See their range of finishes here. Everyone is sure to find what they are looking for and if not, we may still be able to help point you in the right direction as we like to help in any way we can.

Shipping Information

Our entire range of tapware can be shipped Australia and New Zealand wide. This includes all major cities such as Sydney, Tasmania, Brisbane and all areas in between – Also other parts around the world. If ordering within Australia we offer free shipping, however shipping quotes for international orders will need to be done on an order-by-order basis, as this cannot be calculated on the website. We also suggest that before purchasing any tapware internationally, that you check with your plumber that the product will suit your needs and work for you. As modifications or extra parts may be needed on your part for installation due to the tapware being made for Australian standards. However, our friendly team is also available from 8:30am – 5pm Monday – Friday NSW Time for any questions you may have about ordering.