Round Light Switches.

Toggle Light Switch in Australia

If you’re looking for old fashioned round light switches in Australia, look no further. Here at Restoration Online, we’ve got you covered with everything you need for your next renovation. In fact, we are the restoration specialists – with a wide range of lighting solutions and accessories to choose from.

Our range of vintage round light switches are perfect for heritage restorations to give your interiors that classic, sophisticated old world feel. These are available in fluted, federation, traditional and porcelain base styles. We also offer these switches in traditional polished brass and polished chrome, along with antique finishes like antique copper and antique brass. Rest assured that these designs comply with Australian and New Zealand safety standards.

Browse our stylish range today, and get ready to add the perfect finishing touch to your living spaces. 

What is a toggle light switch?

A toggle light switch features a single 2-way toggle, which can be switched either up or down to turn the light on or off. This is a fairly common style of switch which you’ll often see featured in many heritage restorations. 

The style was first introduced in 1916, taking over from the push-button switch commonly seen throughout the late 1800s. From then on, the toggle switch was here to stay before rocker switches were introduced in the 1980s. Still, this vintage style of switch continues to be seen to this day in homes across Australia.

If you’re going for a traditional, old-fashioned look in your home, check out our range of toggle light switches in Australia today. We have a huge range to choose from here at Restoration Online.

Choose from beautiful, vintage round light switches for your next renovation

Our large range of vintage round switches are a great addition to your restoration or renovation, adding a unique touch that is often overlooked. With finishes in polished brass, chrome, matte black or antique brass or copper, we have a wide selection to suit any palette or colour schemes. 

Here at Restoration Online we stock all the leading designs from Tradco, who are renowned as the ‘hardware brand of choice for restoration builders, heritage architects and designers.’ As mentioned above, these round switches are available in the following designs:

  • Traditional: This traditional style features a standard design with rounded slope that almost resembles a counter bell.
  • Fluted: The fluted design adds a little extra pizazz, with its fluted panelling resembling a jelly mould shape.
  • Federation: This style evokes the Federation era between 1890 and 1915. Federation styles feature more of an edge for an elegant appearance. 
  • Porcelain base: These switches are mounted on a genuine ivory or black porcelain base for an extra touch of class.

Our matte black switches are incredibly versatile in that they also suit a more modern finish or monochrome colour scheme. Browse our range of toggle light switches in Australia today for further inspiration.