Tradco Pull Handles

Our collection of Tradco Pull Handles is part of our range of almost 5,000 door handles. Our selection of handles brings you models from leading brands such as Tradco Hardware, Zanda Architectural, Nostalgic Warehouse, Grandeur Hardware, Ageless Iron and more. Tradco Pull handles are versatile handles that can be used on kitchens, wardrobes, pantry doors and even as front door handles. Leading brand Tradco brings you a collection of door handles such as Tradco Door Handles, Tradco Door Levers, Tradco Door Knobs, Tradco Centre Door Knobs, and Tradco Flush Pulls. Their range includes a huge variety of finishes that will suit any home décor, starting from classic vintage finishes such as Antique Copper, Antique Brass and Polished Brass, to newer finishes like Chrome, Satin Chrome, Black and even Rumbled, Satin and Polished Nickel.

At Restoration Online we specialise in hardware in traditional vintage styles, to suit all era’s such as Victorian, Federation, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Bungalow and more modern classic styles such as Hamptons and French Provincial. If you require help choosing the right style for you, head over to our Australian Architectural Style Guide or get in touch with our team for advice.

Who are Tradco?

Here you will find our full collection of pull handles by brand Tradco Hardware. You might be wondering who Tradco are, you can view the full Tradco range and read more about them on our Tradco brand category. Tradco have been operating in the hardware space for over 40 years and are a market leader in traditional hardware in Australia. They offer quality fittings made of solid brass at mid-tier prices, they offer their collection in many stunning finishes and have a vast range to ensure you can get all the items you need to match.

How do you install a pull handle?

You might be wondering how much effort it is going to be to install your new pull handles, if you are after a quick option for a kitchen handle, you might want to consider a handle from our range Castella. They offer many styles that are rear fix, if you have existing screw holes, all you need to do is purchase a handle in the same size centre to centre (centre of one screw hole to the centre of the other), unscrew the old handle and screw up the new one from the back. Tradco pull handles are designed go be face fixed, this means that they screw in from the front. These are best suited to new timber doors, drawers and cupboards, you simply need to pre drill screw holes and then screw the slot head screws in by hand, this creates a beautiful traditional look.

What are the different types of handles?

If you are in the market for a new tradco door handle, then you would have discovered that there are many types of handles out there. For standard door handles, you generally want to opt for a lever door handle or doorknob. For internal doors like pantries, linen cupboards, or wardrobes then a great choice a pull handle. They are an affordable option and create a stunning look that gives your room beautiful style when selected in a finish that matches your other door handles and fittings such as hinges, door stops and flush pulls.

Wardrobes, Pantries, Linen Cupboards – For these types of doors a pull handle or a dummy handle is a great choice. These just pull the door open but do not latch it shut, you will want to use in conjunction with a magnetic catch.

Internal Passageway and Bedroom Doors – The best option for this is a passage door handle, these are standard door handles that latch shut with a tubular latch.

Bathroom Doors – You could use a standard passage handle that just latches shut, but for added privacy we recommend a privacy handle, these are handles that latch shut as normal, but have the option to lock the privacy lock. These are a low security lock that have an emergency release on the outside for safety.

External Doors – For doors leading to the outside, we recommend either a Entry Door Handleset, or a door handle in either the euro lock or 5 lever mortice lock function. These handles are highly secure to ensure your family home is safe and secure.

Not sure what finish to choose? Read our helpful Tradco Finish Guide for more details on each finish, classic timeless choices are brass, chrome and matte black.

How high should pull handles be?

You might be wondering how high pull handles should be on your door or drawer. If you are installing a pull handle on a kitchen drawer to be used as a cabinet handle, we recommend installed the pull handle on the top third of the drawer, often there will be a panel around the edge of your drawer, if there is, we recommend installing your new Tradco pull handles onto the centre of the top panel. When installing a Tradco pull handle onto a full size door, we recommend installing the pull handle higher than you would install a normal door handle, the exact height will depend on the size of your door, however a pull handle should sit higher on the door than a normal handle.

Where should I use a pull handle?

Pull handles are extremely versatile handles, they are available in many sizes so are appropriate for all types of spaces. Pull handles in standard sizes such as 76mm, 96mm, 128mm and 160mm are perfect for smaller doors, drawers and cupboards, the type of cupboards you might have in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Pull handles over 170mm are a great choice for large full size doors, you could add one of these to a sliding door that does not go into a cavity, or a wardrobe or pantry door. Tradco also offer their pull handles in models with cylinder holes that are perfect for a front door, the hole allows you to add a night latch into the centre of the handle, so you can safely lock you house and still have a stylish exterior.

If you are updating your pull handles, browse the full Tradco range and select other fittings you might be updating in the same matching finish including Tradco window fittings, light switches, cabinet fittings and locks and latches.

Where do you ship?

At Restoration Online we ship worldwide. We are based in the Blue Mountains in, Australia so we will deliver to your door anywhere in Australia including all metropolitan areas such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide and all other metro and regional areas. We will also deliver small items such as Tradco pull handles world-wide including popular countries like New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom. You can calculate the shipping cost in the checkout or feel free to contact our team for any assistance.