Black Cabinet Handles

Black Cabinet Handles

Cabinet Handles may seem like only a small part of your project, but they play a very important role in tying your kitchen together with the rest of your home design. Cabinet handles provide you with an efficiently run kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or laundry space and allow you to operate your cupboards and drawers with ease. As well as making life simpler, cabinet handles also bring an artistic element to the table and help you to achieve certain styles, themes, or designs. You can choose to match your existing hardware with black cabinet handles or start from scratch by purchasing your black cabinet handles first and basing the rest of your purchases from the design and finish of these items.

Opting for handles in a black finish is recommended for many reasons. Its solid colour means it can colour match to just about any colour scheme you have existing or are planning on using. The black finish provides a great contrast against white or grey cabinets, natural wood grains and even some wallpapers. Unlike chrome or brass fixtures, black cabinet handles are easy to keep clean and will not show up any unsightly grease marks or fingerprints, meaning they are perfect for your kitchen space when being handled on a regular basis.

Black cabinet handles are bold and known for their compatibility with the famous Hampton style design, whilst containing a slight contemporary twist. Black fittings are a popular choice for home layouts and can suit several industrial, provincial, and modern-day designs. The black finish is achieved through different processes depending on the manufacturer. This includes powder coating and certain ageing treatment processes to create a striking and durable finish.

Types of Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles can come in numerous shapes and sizes. Here at Restoration Online, we love to give our customers an opportunity to be spoilt for choice. Depending on your design you may be in the market for black knobs for your kitchen cupboards. You also might like to mix and match your handles and decorate your cabinetry with cabinet knobs and either drawer pulls or pull handles.

The types of black cabinet handles that we offer come from our ranges of kitchen knobs, Dresser handles, cupboard knobs, kitchen pull handles and cup pull handles. These cabinet handles are typically installed on kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and on bedroom linen drawers or wardrobes. Pair these cabinet handles with your existing black door handles to create a coherent look running through each room of your house.

Black Finish Guide

To be truly spoilt for choice, means to be spoilt for colour palette choices as well as types of handles. Black is not typically offered in many variations, however, since we partner with so many great suppliers, we are able to offer many variants of the black finish across our products to suit every demand of your current project.

Many of our products are offered in the stunning and well-known finish Matte Black. The Matte Black finish is smooth like satin and is used in many contemporary settings. Its sophisticated and gives any space a sense of elegance. Many of our suppliers offer this finish colour for their products including, Tradco Hardware, N2lok, Iver, Fienza, and Zanda. With so many options, its almost impossible to not find the products you require to complete your desired look.

If your theme is more old school and you want to achieve a more traditional look but want to incorporate black into the mix, then the Antique Black finish is the way to go. With its distressed speckled look, it gives the appearance of aged products even if they are brand new. This finish not only adds more character than the standard matte black finish but delivers a rustic appearance that gives you an industrial feel. Some of our main users of the Antique Black finish are Castella and Lode Lighting. Their products are durable and radiate the feeling of quality and class.

What impression does the finish Carbon black or Scorched black give you? Something from a black smith shop perhaps? These finishes developed by Hepburn Hardware are certainly achieved in unique ways, so that the handles you receive are unlike any other. If you’re looking for character and an inventive design to add to your project, then you might want to think about giving these finishes a try. Carbon black starts off as an oxidised powdery dark brown/charcoal colour and slightly patinas overtime. This gives the products a rustic feel that can be used in contemporary homes. Scorched black goes through an intense developing process in which the brass hardware gets placed into a furnace to create the desired black colour. This finish will also age and patina overtime.

While most of our products are made from a beautiful brass material which does not rust, we do also offer some handles that are made from Iron. This includes are range of handles from our overseas supplier Ageless Iron. This is the perfect material to go for if you are wanting an authentic traditional feel. Ageless Iron handles are great quality especially and are both Zinc plated, and powder coated.

No matter what look you wish to achieve with your cabinets and black cabinet handles, Restoration Online has you covered with an extensive list of options.

Matching Products

Once you have chosen your black cabinet handles, you can go a step further and add some matching black door hardware and other black hardware. This way you will have hinges, door handles, sliding door handles, door bolts, entry door handle sets, coat hooks and door stops to match your cabinet handles.

To keep this same theme running throughout the entirety of your home, you can purchase matching black tapware, black sinks, door handles, door hardware, window hardware, and even black bathroom accessories. This will provide continuity and a consistent look throughout your renovation or restoration projects, that is sure to stand out to guests and other homeowners.


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