Black Handles

A famous designer once said “black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.” We at Restoration Online tend to agree! Be inspired and bring out your inner designer with our black handles.

The perfect blend of classic charm and modern functionality, this popular and versatile finish is both highly durable and never goes out of style.

We have black handles to suit any space or style of home, from modern Urbane range black kitchen handles to traditional Verona range black door handles. Wow guests with stunning Helsinki matte black door pull handles, or make your home classy and fabulous with the Egg and Dart range of black door knobs and black lever door handles.

Australian homeowners, interior designers, architects, and cabinet fabricators can purchase black handles with confidence online from Restoration Online. Backed by manufacturer warranties and guarantees, and rated highly on Google and, you can trust that you are buying quality products and will receive premium customer service.

We can ship our black handles to anywhere in Australia including all capital cities, plus we also offer international delivery.

What types of matte black handles do you offer?

Restoration Online is the one stop shop for all your matte black handle needs. We have black handles for every room and piece of furniture in your house. Whether you are building a new sleek modern home, giving your laundry a farmhouse style face lift, or upcycling that chest of drawers that’s been on your to-do list for months, we have your handle needs covered.

Matte Black Entrysets

Matte black entry set handles are for front doors, and really set the theme for your home. Be welcomed home with N2Lok’s matte black entry set handles that are sophisticated and a pleasure to use. For the most premium quality of matte black entry door handle sets be sure to view our range from Ageless Iron, available in Australia exclusively from Restoration Online.

Matte Black Lever Door Handles and Matte Black Door Knobs

Matte black lever door handles and matte black door knobs suit hinged doors leading into every room in your house. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, garage, and even linen closets and wardrobe doors. Our matte black lever handles and matte black door knobs are available as passage sets, privacy sets, key lockable sets, and dummy handles. If you’re unsure which type you need, be sure to check out our information page ‘What Handle Function Do I Need’.

Matte Black Pull Handles

Matte Black Pull Handles are static handles, which may or may not be on a backplate, and which are simply used to push/pull a door open/closed. These can be purchased individually or as a pair, depending on your application. Most can be installed back-to-back. These are commonly installed on sets of external French doors (sets of hinged double doors) that utilise either a roller lock or a magnetic catch. Manufacturers will produce pull handles in batches, so there may be slight differences from batch to batch. When the pull handles are installed next to each other, these subtle differences can become more obvious. To avoid inconsistencies be sure to purchase all the pull handles that you need for your project at the same time.

Matte Black Sliding Door Handles

Matte black sliding door handles are for sliding wardrobe doors, as well as cavity sliding bathroom and exterior doors. These are available as a handle only to simply open/close the door or can be purchased as a complete kit for your privacy and security needs. Handles for these doors are often overlooked but paying attention to such details can really unify the décor in your home. Complete the look with Matte Black Iver Rectangle Sliding Door Handles, available in all functions.

Matte Black Cabinet Pull Handles and Matte Black Cabinet Knobs

Possibly the most important design choice you will make for your kitchen or bathroom – aside from tapware – are the handles and knobs for your cabinet drawers and doors. Each piece from the Kew range is hand finished and has its own individuality, providing a warm and lived in look. Alternatively, the Ledge cabinet pulls are perfect for those who prefer the sleek look of handle less cabinetry.

Are black handles in style? Will black door handles date?

Always on trend, black handles are the ‘little black dress’ of any space and never go out of style. As the saying goes, “one is never over-dressed or under-dressed in a little black dress”. The pure tone of matte black reflects its boldness and simple beauty; it truly is a classic colour that goes with everything and is timeless.

Black handles are the cornerstone of the ever popular ‘Hamptons’ and ‘Farmhouse’ styles, offering a striking contrast in lighter spaces and on white or timber surfaces. The Iver Sarlat range of black pull handles, black cabinet fittings, and black door handles is right at home in any Hamptons style suite or apartment. The Castella Shaker Range of black shaker cabinet pulls and black cabinet shaker knobs will add an impeccable finishing touch to any shaker style cabinetry in your farmhouse kitchen or laundry.

Conversely, black handles can also add a dramatic touch to darker monochromatic designs. The scorched black Henley and Surrey range from Hepburn Hardware will take your deco décor to the next level. Make a statement with the deep and intense tones of Nostalgic Warehouse’s Oil Rubbed Bronze finish Round New York Door Knob on Arts & Crafts Plate.

Are black handles durable?

Yes! At Restoration Online we source only the best quality products from leading brands in the industry to bring the finest range of black handles to the Australian market. This timeless finish can be created in many ways, each suited to various applications.

Our Ageless Iron Black Door Handles are made of solid cast iron that is both zinc plated and powder coated. Hand assembled in the United States of America, they are rust resistant, salt resistant, corrosion resistant, UV weathering resistant, and scratch resistant! Plus, both the mechanical components and the finish are covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. All this to say that the durability and craftsmanship of these stunning handles is second to none. Ageless Iron handles are exceptionally robust and are sure to stand the test of time.

Not to be outdone, Australian company, Castella, have scoured the world to offer some of the most sophisticated and beautiful ranges of black kitchen handles, black drawer handles and black cabinet handles. Castella employ various techniques to achieve their matte black finish including electroplating and powder coating. This results in black handles that look elegant and impressive whilst also being hard-wearing enough to endure the wear and tear of everyday use. Best of all, all Castella products are backed by a lifetime guarantee. Shop Castella black handles here .

Popular brands Tradco Hardware and Iver also incorporate different finishing methods to create black door handles and black cabinet fittings that are beautiful, functional, and long-lasting. Depending on the product, some items are treated with an aging process, while others are powder coated or electroplated. Their static matte black finishes are designed to last and are perfect for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Keep your black lever handles and black doorknobs looking their best by simply cleaning regularly with Mr Sheen and a soft dry cloth.