Glass Handles

Glass Door Handles

When it comes to adding a touch of timeless elegance to your home, glass door handles are a great choice to complement your home’s interior. At Restoration Online, we have a wide selection of glass door handles and glass door knobs available for you to browse.

We’ve been around for a couple of decades and have seen trends and fads come and go when it comes to the Australian home. From new builds to renovations and remodels – we’ve seen it all. We’ve been there ourselves, and with our experience in the industry, we’ve helped hundreds of customers find the perfect accents for their homes.

Door handles are literally the way we access the rooms in our homes, including the entry to the house itself. We interact and handle door fittings every day to access our home and all the rooms. As there are quite a few door handles and knobs all over your house, the opportunity to unify them with a classy choice like glass door fittings is too good to ignore. All manner of doors lead to rooms with different forms and functions and a unifying detail of a home’s flow and consistency are door fittings.

For heritage and Federation style homes, replacing or upgrading to glass door handles can provide a lovely finish to the timeless feel of your home. Our glass handles for doors come in crystal and coloured ranges, with a carefully selected collection of glass door knobs as well as handles with ornate fittings to affix to the door’s surface.

Glass door handles are versatile, and not only do they look classic and timeless, but they feel nice to interact with. Given we open and close doors all the time, we reckon the feeling is just as important as the look of your door fittings.

Our company specialises in new, reproduction products that replicate original door fittings and fixtures, and our experts thoroughly inspect every order before it ships to make sure you receive the right product. We'll contact you if we notice anything unusual in your order, whether it's the style of products or the quantity so that we can confirm and finalise it before shipping.

We can also guide you through those tricky style decisions and answer any installation questions you might have. If you're looking for expert help with the finishing touches of your new home or remodel, look no further than the team here at Restoration Online. Our goal is to make sure you get the best products that will add value to your lifestyle. You can rest assured that your interests are ours as well, and we’ll only ever recommend products that we believe will add value to your home and lifestyle.

Connect with us today to talk more about your home project and the right door fitting to match your unique style.

Why do people prefer glass door handles?

Glass door handles and door knobs come in a few different styles, from smooth and rounded, to faceted like a crystal. They can also come in different colours, like the range we stock online if you want your door handles to be a feature.

People often prefer glass door handles when they’re trying to bring harmony and cohesion to a home that already has a strong sense of style. Heritage homes, Federation style homes and Art Deco style homes will have elements that glass knobs for doors will complement with ease. Glass door handles are also a wonderful feature for certain styles of modern homes and we always see a handful of people who manage to pull off that mish-mash of many styles under one roof superbly.

The look and feel of glass door handles are quite different to brass door handles, black door handles and other metal-based fittings. It really comes down to your home, your sense of style and how we can create a unifying experience of moving through your home with little details like door handles and locks.

How to install glass door handles?

Installation of your new glass door handles is often best left to a locksmith or tradesperson, especially if it’s an entry into the house. The reason we recommend the professional installation is to ensure that the fixture is fitted right the first time and to minimise any damage to the door handle and the door itself.

Sometimes, the do-it-yourself method doesn’t always work out, and you’ll often save yourself time and money by hiring someone to do the job right the first time. Hire a professional when it comes to installing your glass door handles.

How to clean glass door handles?

Cleaning glass door handles is a breeze. We recommend running a slightly damp microfibre cloth over them regularly to collect dust, but other than that you really don’t need to do too much to clean your glass door handles. Steer clear of using any chemical-based or abrasive cleaning products – warm mild soapy water will be a safe alternative.

If you’ve got questions about our range of door handles, from entry door handlesets, door pull handles, door levers and even screen door handles, reach out to our friendly team of experts today. Find the perfect addition to your home that will last you for years to come.