Brass Bells

Brass Bells

Brass bells are a beautiful – and functional – way to decorate the entryway of your home.

At Restoration Online, we offer a wide range of brass bells for sale. Our range of doorbells has something for every taste. Our door hardware collection encompasses everything from traditional ships bells, manual doorbells (also known as turn bells) and doorbell buttons for smaller spaces, and hand bells for those who’d like a full bell but would prefer a lower profile.

Whether you’re looking to buy brass bells that coordinate with your door hardware, such as letter plates, centre-door-knobs or house number signs, or you simply want a striking signature piece, you can find it on our online shop.

Once you’ve placed your order, you can expect to receive your outdoor brass bell within 3 to 10 business days. We offer competitive shipping rates using Australia’s most trusted couriers for our door-to-door service. If your order is urgent, our friendly staff can help arrange express options – simply give us a call on 02 6355 2003 during business hours from Monday to Friday.

We also understand that shopping online can be tricky. If you are unhappy with your chosen outdoor brass bell once it’s arrived, our 21-day peace of mind returns policy means you can return or exchange it within 21 days of delivery, provided the item is in its original, resalable condition and in the packaging it arrived in.

How to pick the right brass bell?

Choosing the right brass bell for your home generally comes down to two things: personal style preferences and the space you have available to mount your brass bell.

We offer a range of high-quality brass and bronze bells for sale that will suit various spaces and both antique and contemporary aesthetics.

The traditional antique brass bell – also known as a ship bell – is a striking feature for just about any home. Available in both polished and antique finishes, a replica ship bell makes a wonderful housewarming or wedding gift. These brass bells are often customised with property or family names. True ship bells – taken from real vessels – are sold as collectibles and are typically engraved or inscribed with the ship name and the date it first launched. The dimensions of real brass ship bells are typically much larger than those used for doorbells, as the diameter corresponds directly to the volume and pitch of the bell.

Button bells are a great way to take advantage of modern, hardwired, or battery doorbell technology without losing vintage appeal. Manual turn bells are typically mounted on the centre of the door, and their hardware is typically ornate. Both make excellent choices for smaller entryways or if you are looking for a more discreet doorbell option.

How to install a brass bell?

The process to install brass bells varies depending on the design and mechanics of the bell.

Some, like a ship bell, are easy to install yourself and only require superficial work to your home. Others, like manual turn bells, require the chime component of the bell to be mounted on the inside of the front door or wall and connected to the outer turn component in order to function correctly. While it is possible to do this work yourself, we recommend engaging the services of a professional to ensure minimal damage to your woodwork or walls. If you are installing one of our button brass bells that replace the plastic cover of a hard-wired bell, you may need to engage the services of an electrician to conduct the installation safely.

To install your ship bell: 1. Remove the bell, bracket, screws, bell rope or chain from the packaging. 2. Assemble the bell by attaching the rope to the clapper (dangling metal bit inside the bell), if applicable. 3. Mark out the location on the wall where you will mount your bracket. If you are mounting the bell perpendicular to the door, ensure enough room for the door to swing open easily. Also, be mindful that there is enough room for people to maneuver easily around the bell, and that it does not protrude near faces or shoulders. In smaller spaces, a ship bell is best mounted adjacent to the door. 4. Insert the top screw first. Depending on whether you are mounting the bracket to wood/weatherboard or brick, you may need to drill a guide hole first. When mounting brass bells to brick, you’ll need to use a hammer drill and nylon wall plugs to ensure the mount stays firm. 5. Using a spirit level, line up the bracket, so it is perfectly vertical. 6. Insert the bottom screw. Check the bracket is sturdily mounted and can hold the bell’s weight. 7. Attach the bell.

How to clean brass bells?

Regularly cleaning your brass bells is the key to their longevity. Both polished and raw brass material naturally ages over time, developing a darker patina. But being exposed to the elements can also cause issues like rust and other undesirable forms of tarnishing, which can discolour your outdoor brass bell and impact its function.

There are many homemade and store-bought products you can use to clean your brass bell parts. If you’re looking for a quick premade solution, using Brasso metal polish – available in supermarkets and hardware stores – is a surefire way to keep your brass bell looking ship shape. It can also be used to restore a variety of metals around the home, so it is useful to keep on hand. To clean your bell, simply shake the bottle, apply some Brasso to a clean cloth or rag, and rub it onto your bell in a circular motion. Buff any remaining Brasso off with a second clean cloth.