Loose Pin Hinges

Hinges are arguably the most important door hardware, which are often overlooked or a last minute thought. They hold your doors up and allow them to swing open and closed. There are many different types of hinges, and at Restoration Online we have a large selection including Loose Pin Hinges, Fixed Pin Hinges, Parliament Hinges and more. Our hinges come in a range of finishes to match the décor of any home – including matte black, polished brass, chrome, antique copper and satin nickel. We also have a variety of sizes to suit different doors – whether your door is a hollow core door or a heavier door with glass, we will have an option for you.

Our hinges are available in popular hardware brands such as Tradco Hardware, Nostalgic Warehouse and Grandeur Hardware. We recommend matching your hinges to the brand of your door handles, which will ensure a seamless look and matching colours.

What is a loose pin hinge?

A Loose Pin Hinge has a pin (down the centre of the two leaves) which can easily be removed to allow for the door to be taken off the hinges – especially convenient when repainting is needed. All you or your handyman need to do to remove the door from the frame is to tap the pin out with a hammer and screwdriver.

Loose Pin Hinges are recommended for internal doors only due to security reasons. Loose Pin Hinges are the best option for internal doors in your home, they allow the door to operate smoothly and make removing the door much easier than other types of hinges.

At Restoration Online we have a range of Loose Pin hinges in different colours, shapes and sizes. If you have a particularly heavy door, our premium brand Nostalgic Warehouse offers some Heavy Duty Loose Pin Hinges which are ideal for this situation. The Nostalgic Warehouse and Grandeur Hardware options are particularly ornate designs, with steeple and round shaped finials. It is those small touches that can really set your door hardware apart.

When should you not use loose pin hinges?

We recommend using loose pin hinges on internal doors only. When used on an external door, it means the door could easily be removed from the door frame using only a hammer and screwdriver, which means this would be a security risk. Intruders would be easily able to remove the pins and lift off the doors. For external doors, we advise using fixed pin hinges. These need to have all the screws individually unscrewed from both the outside and inside of the door, in order to remove the door from the frame, so it is a much more secure option.

What is the difference between a fixed pin hinge and a loose pin hinge?

A loose pin hinge enables you to easily remove the centre pin from the hinge, which means the door can then be lifted out and removed.

A fixed pin hinge functions just the same, but to remove a door, you need to unscrew the hinges. They are more secure for external doors to prevent intruders gaining access to your home. Fixed pin hinges are less convenient when you want to do any renovating or repainting, which is why we recommend these for external doors only.

What other door hardware do I need with my loose pin hinges?

Once you’ve got your hinges, you have some other decisions to make. Door handles are an obvious place to start – as loose pin hinges are for internal doors, you’ll want to choose an internal door handle such as a passage or privacy set. Door stops are another often-over looked but important item, they protect the paint on your walls from being damaged by your door handles. At Restoration Online we have a large range of types of door stops, such as magnetic door stops, rubber door stops, and floor and wall door stops. These come in finishes to match your hinges, so we recommend ordering door stops and hinges in the same colour, from the same brand.

For your external doors you may want fixed pin hinges or ball bearing hinges. You can choose from a lever door handle, a door knob, or even one of our popular Entry Door Handlesets. These are all available in finishes to match your hinges. You might also want to add some other items to your front door to complete the look, such as a letter plate, centre door knob, door knocker or door bell.

How do I order loose pin hinges?

At Restoration Online we make ordering your loose pin hinges easy. You can browse through our range, and narrow down using the filters on the left to choose your colour/finish, size and even brand. If you need help with this selection, or working out which size is suitable for your doors, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful team via email, Live Chat or phone.

Once you have selected the hinge you need, simply add the quantity you need to the cart, head to the checkout and follow the prompts!

We ship our hinges across Australia, to both regional and metropolitan areas, including capital cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. We can also ship these world-wide! Once you enter your location into the checkout, the website will let you know the international postage cost. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unsure or need to arrange express shipping.