Fixed Pin Hinges

Fixed Pin Hinges

If you’re thinking about what door hardware you require for your door, why not start with Hinges, as they are one of the most important factors for your project. They are your hardware foundation, that provides support for your door to display your beautiful door handles and door hardware, whilst providing you with a smooth swinging motion.

Hinges come in a range of styles and finishes to suit each individual door need. At Restoration Online we have a wide selection of different types of fixed pin hinges that include, standard Fixed Pin hinges, Ball-Bearing hinges, Parliament hinges and Hirline (Easy-Fit) hinges. Regardless of the weight of your door, we have a variety of hinges available in several sizes to suit both hollow core doors and heavier solid doors.

Instead of only offering basic colours for our hinges, we offer a range of unique and vibrant finishes to spice up your design. This will give you the opportunity to match all your door hardware in the same finish. If you are wanting your hardware to match, we suggest purchasing your hardware from the same brand and finish to ensure continuity throughout your entire project.

What are fixed pin hinges?

Fixed Pin hinges are standard hinges and are most often used for external doors. Fixed pin hinges consist of two hinge leaves that are connected in the centre with a pin. This pin is concealed and runs from the top to the bottom of the hinge and allows the hinge leaves to pivot around it, creating a swivel motion used when you open and close a door.

These hinges come in multiple forms from the standard fixed pin to some of the largest hinges known as parliament or Broad-Butt hinges. These larger hinges are often used on French doors. They come in a range of different sizes for different door styles. The style and weight of your door will help you to decide which size and hinge type you will require.

The pin inside the hinge is fixed, meaning the hinge once installed cannot be removed unless it is unscrewed. This is a great perk of these hinges, as it provides extra security for your external doors.

What is the difference between a fixed pin hinge and a loose pin hinge?

Fixed pin hinges are fixed and cannot be removed unless they are unscrewed. For security reasons, they are commonly used externally making it a challenge to remove the door quickly. This means if you were to experience a break-in, your front door is not easily removed and any large valuables taken out your front entrance.

Loose-Pin hinges allow you to remove the centre pin to be able to take the door off, easily and efficiently. Used on internal doors, such as bathroom doors for safety reasons, they allow for the door to be removed in case of an emergency. They can also be used on standard internal doors which is helpful during repainting stages, as the door can easily be unhinged and then placed back.

When should you use a fixed pin hinge?

We would recommend that you use your fixed pin hinges on any of your your external doors. Fixed pin hinges can be used on large external doors, whether you have a hollow-core door, or a heavy glass filled door. For large external doors we often recommend using three hinges per door. This will provide you with optimum strength and security.

Fixed pin hinges are most often used externally; however, they can be used internally if required. They are less convenient when used indoors as the doors cannot easily be removed, which may prove to be more tedious if repainting or renovating. Therefore, we would suggest that they be used for external doors only.

Other hinge types

Besides Fixed Pin hinges, Restoration Online offers a range of other types and styles of hinges to choose from. Regardless of your project, Restoration Online is your one stop shop for hinges.

A similar hinge to Loose Pin Hinges are the Lift-Off hinges. Lift off hinges come with two separate pieces, a bottom half and a top half of the hinge which slide into one another. This allows for the door to simply be lifted and removed, with one half of the hinge remaining attached to the door frame and one half still attached to the door. Lift off hinges are to be used internally for security reasons.

Easy Fit hinges can be used on internal doors and are often used on bi-fold doors. They can be installed without making a recess in the wood and are much more thin than other standard hinges.

If you require hinges for a very heavy or external door, our range of Heavy-Duty hinges will be perfect for you. Not only are these hinges strong and durable to hold the weight of the door, but also come in a range of decorative styles to match your door theme.

Door Hardware

Choosing your Door Hardware can be tough, however, we have made it easy for you to match all your door hardware, not only in your front entrance but throughout the entirety of your home.

Our hinges are designed by leading Brands such as Tradco Hardware, Zanda and Nostalgic Warehouse. When choosing your door hardware, we recommend that you purchase from the same brand and in the same finish, which will provide a continuous, unison look in your home.

We have an extensive range of matching Door Handles, Door Knockers, Door Stops, Door Bolts, Centre Door Knobs and Entry-Door Handlesets to choose from, to complete your design. Pair these products with your hinges and you’ll be left with an eye-catching masterpiece that is sure to leave an impression on all visitors and passers-by.


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