Ball Bearing Hinges

Hinges are probably not the first thing you think about when renovating or building, however, are an integral and practical part of any home. Here at Restoration Online we specialise in heritage door hardware to suit varying styles such as bungalow, designer, federation, victorian and so many more. Not only will they tie into any style of home, we also have so many options when it comes to the types of hinges, so no matter the type of door or application, we have your covered.

Difference Between Standard and Ball Bearing Hinges

When people think of hinges, they most likely think they are all the same and it is not something you would put a lot of thought into. This is not the case and when it comes to your external doors especially, you want to make sure you select the right type of hinge for security and durability. Whether you choose standard fixed pin hinges or a ball bearing hinges you really cannot go wrong but there are key differences that may sway you to using a ball bearing style.

Unlike a standard fixed pin hinge one of the main differences is the fact that ball bearing hinges have a thicker spine and this is filled with ball bearings. This allows for smoother functioning hinges as the ball bearings act in place of a pin, as in a standard hinge there is just a metal pin inside the spine. Because of these ball bearings and the thicker spine to account for them, it also means they are more heavy duty and can usually hold more weight. This also then leads to them being less prone to sagging when heavier weighted doors are hung off them. This makes them perfect for those large and heavy entrance doors that are very on trend for many new homes.

Select Your Size and Quantity

There are so many things to think about when choosing the right hinges for your installation and this is not only just the finish you need. These include the type of door, location of installation, size, and quantity. The thing with hinges is, depending on the above, as well as the type you select and the size, it can make a difference to the quantity you may need. There are just so many factors and we want to be able to help you choose the right option. Due to the sheer number of options this can all be discussed further if you need to contact us, as sometimes talking to a professional is best.

Generally, the main thing to check is the thickness of your door as this will determine what size hinge you will be able to use. Of course, you want to keep in mind the weight of the door, however if using ball bearing hinges, there should not be an issue. We have all the measurements you may need on each product, however in this case you want to look at the leaf size. This will be the width of one side of the hinge excluding the spine and you will want this to be slightly smaller than the thickness of your door. With these hinges you may only need to use 2 per door for external use, however this is up to the installer’s discretion in each specific circumstance.

As the ball bearing hinges do not come in a wide variety of sizes due to them being targeted to larger doors, we have more options in the fixed pin hinges. In terms of quality, they are sure to not disappoint, however are more traditional in the way they work and are not heavy duty. You will still need to measure the thickness of your door to calculate the hinge size needed, however for an external door rule of thumb is 3 hinges per door, regardless of the size. This is the most common installation guideline you will see on most external doors when using a fixed pin hinge. As with ball bearing hinges you will need to consider the size and weight of the door and adjust accordingly.

When it comes to external French doors, this is a whole new ball game. They do not open to the same degree that you want your internal or standard external doors to. Usually, they are used on an external patio or deck, and you will need them to open all the way around almost flat against the wall and out of the way. This means you will need the use of a special type of hinge, and we have two styles that would work in this situation, and they are broad butt hinges and parliament hinges. Now these are not as straight forward as standard hinges as they need to be the right size for you to not have issues in the future. As too small and they will not be able to open fully around the door architrave, and too big, there will be too much of a gap between the door and architrave, opening you up to issues of sagging. We have a helpful link here on how to measure the right size.

Finishes and Brands Available

We offer a huge range of hinges, including ball bearing hinges from a variety of well-known brands such as Zanda, Tradco, Nostalgic Warehouse and Iver. Because we have a range of suppliers to choose from this also means the options for finishes is abundant. Just some of the finishes available are chrome, polished brass, nickel, black and antique brass. With the added bonus of matching hardware such door levers, door knobs, door stops and more in the same finishes.

If you are requiring any help at all when placing an order our knowledgeable staff are here 8:30am – 5pm Monday – Friday NSW Time. Or maybe you are hesitant placing an order online? Don’t be! We offer shipping Australia-Wide to all major cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Tasmania and everywhere in between.