Art Deco Lights

Art Deco Lights

At Restoration Online we have a collection of Art Deco lights perfect for restoring or renovating your Art Deco home, in Australia these homes were typically built between 1920 and 1939. Art Deco design is a popular and striking design, the stepped designs and straight lines work beautifully paired with modern fixtures, providing a modern twist on a classic style. The light fixtures you choose to incorporate into your project says a lot about the style of your home.

Restoration Online offers a wide selection of Art Deco Lights suitable for Art Deco homes, or projects that incorporate a mixture of styles. Adding art deco lights into your design can create a warming atmosphere, full of character and an old-world vibe. The unique designs of the art deco period will make your project stand out and enables you to branch out with your creativity. When choosing the type of light you need for your project, first consider the type of room that it will be installed in and how much room you have to work with. Our extensive range includes pendant lights, batten fixes, lamps and much more! Choose your art deco lights in chrome or bronze for an authentic look. You will spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect art deco light to suit your upcoming project.

The Art Deco Period

The Art Deco period was influenced by dramatic and elegant, futuristic designs which was quite modern for the time. They were a mixture of artistic and imaginative features which was a big theme during this era. The first debut of the Art Deco design was in Paris among 1903 and 1904. Many of the Homes were created using nonlinear materials and colours, meaning they were not cheap to build and were larger than typical home dwellings. Often built in only desirable areas, Art Deco homes consisted of many geometric shapes, with curved porches and walls. The furniture used indoors also would indicate these features also, creating a coherent look throughout the entire building. Art Deco homes would often feature ‘hipped’ roofs which meant all sides slope downwards to the walls and were made from terracotta tiles. With double hung windows, solid brick walls and Art Deco ornamentation, these buildings remain popular today for their quirky and innovative design structure which was well ahead of its time originally.

Art Deco Light Styles

Lighting plays a big part in the overall feeling of your home. Perhaps it is simply one room you’re your renovated home that is still Art Deco dated and you are wishing to upgrade the light inside. If you are starting from scratch and wish to achieve the classy Art Deco vibe for your new home, then Restoration Online can help you make this dream a reality with our range of vintage light fittings.

When it comes time to choosing your light fittings, the first thing you should consider is the diameter of your intended interior space. If you have high ceilings and wish to fill the void in your loungeroom or bathroom, then an Art Deco pendant light in traditional chrome or antique bronze finishes will suit this desire to a tea. Choose from a mixture of hanging components including rods, chains and cords which can be used to match your existing light fittings. Chandelier style pendants are also available and will provide any room with a sense of elegance and culture. These include our range of multi-arm pendants which can be used as a focal point in the room, to catch the eye of your guests. The multi-arms come in many distinct designs with a mixture of sharp and rounded edges. If you have limited space and are wanting a light that is quick and easy to install, then our range of Art Deco DIY batten fixes were made for you. These ceiling lights are easy to introduce into your project and provide ample light for the room.

Let’s not forget about what makes the Art Deco lights so special! The part that ties the whole light together is the intricately designed and creative glass shades. Our supplier Lode lighting have gone above and beyond to source the perfect glass shades to suit the Art Deco era. From the beehive design to St Kilda, Detroit, Houston, Cannes glass and more, you will be able to create your Art Deco dream design with ease. Even the range of wall sconce lights are loyal to the Art Deco time period.

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Shopping for a particular period style can sometimes be a challenge, however, at Restoration Online, we like to make the online shopping experience as easy as can be. Simply shop by style on our website to find styles that are capable of suiting other historical periods in time such as 1920’s bungalow, Traditional and Heritage, Victorian, Medieval, Industrial, Vintage, and other popular designs like Schoolhouse and Hamptons. Allow Restoration Online to light your pathway in choosing the most suitable light to accomplish your project vision to the very last detail.


We ship all of our light fittings Australia wide to both regional and metro areas. This includes all major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and many more! Simply place an order online to have the items shipped straight to your doorstep. If you would like to place an order or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members. We are here to help and will be able to guide you through the ordering process.