Vintage Lights

Vintage Lights

It’s time to light up your project with some of finest range of vintage light fittings that can be found on our Online shop. At Restoration Online we offer fittings that are suitable for all your home improvement needs. Lighting fixtures can say a lot about your home design and style taste. They can be used to fill a room with light and can also be used to inspire and transport you to a different time period. This is especially the case with our range of vintage lights. Adding vintage lights to your project is the perfect way to bring character and charm into your home.

Restoration projects that date from the early 1900’s to past the ‘post-war’ era will be the perfect candidates for an antique fitting. With a vast number of styles and finishes available you are guaranteed to be able to source a light that appeals to your personal tastes and design requirements. Online shopping gives you the benefits of browsing and taking your time to choose the right fixture without stress. Outfit the entirety of your home, both inside and outside with solid vintage indoor and outdoor lights. Shop by colour to match your light fittings with your existing hardware, which will help you to create a coherent flow through your design layout.

What is Vintage?

The term vintage refers to something that is ‘of age’. Vintage lights are true to this definition in that, they are products that produce an old-world charm while still being able to fit into the modern trends of today. Another term for this is Antique. Antiques are a popular style even in today’s society as they can tell a story and bring an element of warmth and feeling to a project that their more modern counterparts struggle to achieve.

Even though our range of lights are considered vintage, this does not mean they are second hand antiques passed down through many generations. Instead, they are classic reproductions of the originals. This allows the products to be bulk produced, meaning you get a brand-new product with a warranty while still achieving your vintage aesthetic goal. Vintage lights are not destined to go out of fashion, as they are timeless features and are classics that continue to remain popular through the ages. Whether your home is large or small, you can place multiple of the same light style into multiple rooms, ensuring everything will match.

Our collection of vintage lights caters to an array of different styles, periods, and themes. These periods include some of the most famous such as Art Deco for those 1930’s builds, Traditional, Victorian, Federation, Edwardian styles, Californian bungalow, and even the popular Hamptons style homes. Be transported back in time each time you flick the switch on our range of medieval light fixtures. For something a little more rustic and unique, opt for some fittings from our industrial or schoolhouse ranges that are sure to spice up your project. If you have an assortment of vintage furniture, then vintage lights will fit snuggly into the scene by matching the existing aesthetic to a tea.

What style of light should I choose?

When deciding on what lighting you want to use for your project, firstly look at your existing fixture styles. This will give you a good indication as to whether you wish to upgrade the current fashion or whether you want to continue the existing theme. When installing outdoor lights especially, you may also want to check the council regulations of the area you live in, as your lighting plan may need to revolve around certain regulations. Decide on whether you will require indoor lights or external lights or even if you need a mixture of both. When it comes to colour, try to search for lights that match the colour of your existing décor. Our light fixtures are brought to you by well-known and trusted lighting brands known as Lode Lighting and Telbix Lighting, who have your best interests at heart with their sort after product ranges. With finishes ranging from chrome to bronze, to black, brass and many more, you will be totally spoilt for choice.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are known for their eye-catching designs and creative styles. These lights hang from the ceiling using either rods, cord or chains and neatly display the decorative shade. Light can be warmly dispersed throughout the room, meaning you can turn the pendant light into a main feature of the room. It’s the perfect show-off light that will state your design intentions clearly to any onlooker. Pendant lights are elegant and hang gracefully from the ceiling. Create a true vintage feel by using warm lights to bring ultimate cosiness into the equation.

Ceiling Lights

With traditional batten fixes, ceiling lights are perfect for small design layouts such as apartments or units. Our range of easy DIY batten fixes make for easy installation, meaning you can achieve your desired look with minimal effort. The ceiling lights are offered in chrome, black and polished brass. Each batten holder comes with decorative glass shades that suit many different vintage styles and will produce a classic overall feel.

Chandelier Lighting

Nothing says old-world charm and sophistication than chandelier lights. Our extensive collection of vintage chandeliers can be used as a beautiful statement piece in your kitchen, dining room, living room or even your bathroom. Hanging delicately, these fittings illuminate a room and create a gorgeous sparkling effect as the light bounces around each genuine lead crystal.

Lantern Lights

Vintage lantern lights can be used to bring elements of the outdoors indoors. Lantern lights are perfect for a rustic style country kitchen or industrial design set up. Each lantern comes with an individual pattern that makes a distinctive impression.

Pillar lights

Outdoor vintage pillar lights add to the architectural setup of a home. Used for illuminating the exteriors of the home, nothing shouts quality like a driveway lined with beautiful pillar lights. Landscape lighting can double the design aesthetic of your home and allows you to keep up appearances from the outside. These durable lights are suitable for vintage styled buildings and will create an old-world feel for your guests as they enter through the front gates.


Lamps like the banker’s desk lamp play a great part in the vintage style. These are a popular antique item that is a timeless classic. By adding a lamp to your project, you a bringing an element of sophistication and low-level light into a room which will create a calming atmosphere to get cosy in.

Related Products

Once you have chosen your light fittings, it is time to choose their power source. At Restoration Online, we offer a fabulous traditional range of light switches, powerpoints and other accessory mechanisms. Add switches in the same matching finishes as your lights to really bring your project design together. If you decided to go for a mix of bungalow lights, why not add some matching bungalow switches to go with them!


We ship all of our light fittings Australia wide to both regional and metro areas. This includes small country towns and all major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and many more! Simply place an order online and have the items shipped directly to your doorstep. If you have any questions or would like help to place your order, please contact us and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team members. We are here to help to make sure you have the best online shopping experience when purchasing through our online store.