Flush Bolts

At Restoration Online, part of our door hardware collection includes a large collection of bolts perfect for doors and windows. Our range of bolts includes bolts are all purposes, for example barrel bolts are a great multipurpose bolt, they are available in small sizes such as 75mm in length, all the way up to 200mm, making them perfect for use as a window or door bolt. Our range also includes patio bolts, tower bolts and reverse barrel bolts, these bolts are beautiful decorative bolts that still provide the security your home needs. When selecting a door bolt you will need to choose from our range of finish options, this includes brass and black, as well as door bolts in many other antique and modern colours.

Our speciality is traditional restoration products, and our flush bolts suit perfectly into heritage homes, these bolts are made in a classic style and will work perfectly in Victorian terraces with French doors leading onto the veranda or balcony, and in other traditional Australian style homes such as Art Deco, Edwardian, Californian Bungalow, Federation and more. These bolts also suit homes in newer classic styles including Hamptons and French Provincial homes.

What are flush bolts used for?

Flush bolts are the perfect bolt for a French door, the traditional style is installed recessed into the edge of the first closing door on a set of timber French doors/double doors.

When the doors are closed, you cannot see the bolt which creates a neat and tidy interior. To lock the flush bolt, you simply flip the lever and this flicks the bolt into the door frame or floor. To ensure your door is secure we recommend installing a flush bolt at the top and bottom of your door. For standard size doors the 150mm x 19mm flush bolt is the perfect choice, if you have large doors then we could suggest the 300mm x 19mm size.

In addition to the traditional style flush bolts we offer, we have a collection of locking flush bolts, these bolts are installed on the surface of the door and are operated by a key. For a double door, standard flush bolts do not need to have a key since they cannot be accessed when the doors are closed and locked, however the locking flush bolts are a great choice for added security on a normal single door.

Why do you need a bolt on a double door?

You might be wondering, I have a lock on my double doors, why do I need bolt as well? If you only have a lock on your double doors, as both doors are hinged, if you apply pressure to where the doors meet you can push the doors open and the lock will not hold them shut. You need to bolt the first closing door shut securely, to do this we recommend using a bolt on the top and bottom of the door. When you then lock the doors shut with a mortice lock or euro lock, the doors will not be able to be pushed open.

What hardware do I need for a French door?

For the door that will be opened as the primary door you will need:

- A pair of door handles with a lock or tubular latch (we recommend locking handles for external and passage handles for internal, for internal handles you could alternatively use a simple French door latches)

For the secondary door that is usually kept shut, you will need:

- A pair of flush bolts

- A pair of dummy handles (these are optional, however we do recommend dummy handles for the secondary door, they work as a pull handle to protect your paint and make the doors look more symmetrical).

You will also need:

- Hinges. We recommend 2-3 hinges per door, depending on how heavy your door is. For standard internal doors, we recommend loose pin hinges, for external doors we recommend fixed pin hinges and if you have an architrave with a large projection, you can use parliament hinges or broad butt hinges to allow you to swing the door right around.

Keep in mind you will need to check if your double doors are rebated. Rebated doors are when your double doors overlap at the edge where they meet, if you have a rebated door you will need a rebated lock or latch with a rebate kit, this means that the lock is moulded to fit these doors.

Are flush bolts secure?

Yes! Non locking flush bolts are very secure as they cannot be unlocked or accessed at all when the doors are shut as the bolts are installed onto the edge of the door. Locking flush bolts have a key so they are also a secure type of bolt.

How do you unlock a flush bolt?

To unlock a standard flush bolt, you simply need to open the first opening door of your pair of double French doors, you then flick the lever up or down (depending if your bolt is installed at the top or bottom of the door). This will retract the bolt back inside the door and will allow you to open the door. Often flush bolts can be a bit stiff if they are old bolts that have not been used or might have even been painted over.

To unluck a locking flush bolt you simply need to unlock with the key and then retract the bolt using the lever on the surface of the bolt.

What is a surface bolt?

A surface bolt is a bolt that is installed onto the surface of the inside of a door. Surface bolts are a great statement piece, they are available in many styles and finishes that will match your door handles. Examples of surface bolts are locking flush bolts, panic bolts and reverse barrel bolts. Surface bolts are available in many different sizes to suit all door sizes. If you have a large solid door we could recommend a larger size bolt.

What colour flush bolt should I choose?

You will see that we offer flush bolts in many colours such as black, brass and antique brass. When selecting your colour keep in mind the colour of your door knobs or lever door handles, you will want all of your handles, door and window hardware to match in the same colour for a seamless design.

We will ship your new bolts and hardware to all of Australia’s regional and metropolitan areas including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart and more. We will ship internationally including to New Zealand. Our head office is situated in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia however our team is dedicated to shipping to your door wherever you are in the world, you can calculate shipping in the cart or contact our helpful team if you require assistance.