Broad Butt Hinges

At Restoration Online, we offer a huge range of hinges for every type and size of door. Our hinges come in a range of styles and finishes and are suitable for both traditional and more contemporary homes. Available in popular finishes such as Chrome, Polished Brass, Matte Black and Antique Copper, we recommend choosing hinges that match the rest of your door hardware and door handles.

Our selection of hinges includes options from leading Australian brand Tradco Hardware, as well as premium US brands Nostalgic Warehouse and Grandeur Hardware. This large range of hinges enables us to offer options for internal and external doors, French doors, standard and more heavy doors. The variety of styles will suit design themes such as Hamptons, Art Deco, Californian Bungalow and much more.

What is a broad butt hinge?

A broad butt hinge, also referred to as a “wide throw hinge”, is required where there is a large architrave or door frame protruding past the door, and the door is recessed. It allows the door to swing open around the frame and sit 180 degrees against the wall. Standard hinge sizes may not be suitable for a door with protruding architrave or trim, so this is when broad butt hinges are very useful.

As with all standard butt hinges, broad butt hinges are made of two symmetrical leaves, one which is attached to the door, and one is attached to the door jamb. Standard hinges tend to be taller than they are wide, however broad butt hinges are wider than regular hinges, which also means they are quite strong. Parliament hinges are a very similar, more decorative option, used often on French Doors. They work in the same was as broad butt hinges but due to the cut-out shape, there is less metal so they are not quite as strong. We recommend broad butt hinges for heavy doors that require a strong hinge.

What are the different types of hinges?

There are a range of different hinges, which are used for different types and sizes of doors.

Fixed pin hinges are standard hinges designed for external doors. The pin is fixed so it cannot be removed without the hinges being unscrewed, which is the best choice for external doors due to security reasons. They come in a range of sizes for different doors – solid, heavy doors with glass will need a larger hinge than a hollow core door.

Loose pin hinges are standard hinges, similar to fixed pin, except the pin can be easily removed using a hammer and screwdriver. These are ideal for internal doors and allow for easy removal of the doors when renovating or repainting.

Parliament hinges, as mentioned above, are very similar to broad butt hinges. They are commonly used on French doors when there is a large architrave that the door needs to clear. They have a disctinct shape with a cut out section from the top and bottom.

Easy Fit hinges are designed to be able to be installed without cutting into the wood to recess the hinge. They are used mostly on internal doors, and are simple and quick to install.

Lift Off hinges are an alternative to loose pin hinges. The hinge comes in two separate parts, so to remove the door, you can simply lift it off it hinges. For security reasons these are only recommended for internal doors.

Ball Bearing Hinges look very similar to standard fixed pin hinges, however they are much more heavy duty. Between the knuckles of the hinge are hidden ball bearings. This also makes for a much smoother opening door. We recommend ball bearing hinges for particularly solid or heavy doors.

Our range of Heavy Duty Hinges include the ball bearing hinges as described above, but also a range of loose pin and fixed pin hinges from premium US brand Nostalgic Warehouse, which are designed to be extremely strong and durable. These are the perfect choice if you’ve already chosen Nostalgic Warehouse brand door handles. The Nostalgic hinges come in more decorative styles, featuring steeple and ball finials.

How do I choose the size of Broad Butt hinge I need?

To help you calculate the width of broad butt hinge you require on your door to enable it to swing back 180 degrees, we have put together a handy guide which can be viewed below:

Broad Butt Size Calculator Information Page

Then you’ll simply need to choose the finish/colour that suits the rest of your hardware. Feel free to contact us if you require any further information or assistance.

How do I order Broad Butt Hinges?

Once you have calculated the size of broad butt hinge you require and chosen the finish that best complements your hardware and décor, add the hinges to the cart. Note that the hinges come as a single item, not a pair. Generally, you will require 2 hinges per door, however very large, heavy doors might need 3. It is best to check this with your builder or carpenter.

At Restoration Online we ship Australia-wide, to cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Perth, as well as regional areas, all for the same $11 flat rate. We can also ship our hinges worldwide, simply enter your location in the cart for the postage cost. If you need help choosing the right hinges for your door, our knowledgeable team of experts are available to help via phone, email or live chat.