Black Pull Handles

Black Pull Handles

Black pull handles are a versatile choice for any project, they can be used on full size doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry and more. Our black pull handles are available as small as 125mm all the way up to 1200mm long to suit any project.

We offer black pull handles in face fix styles, where you can see the screw holes, this provides a more relaxed classic feel. Others are available with concealed fix screws which creates a more modern, clean look. We also offer door pull handles that can be fixed back to back, so that the look can be continued on either side of the door.

When ordering a pull handle from Restoration Online you get everything you need to install your handles including matching black finish screws.

Black Pull Handles with Cylinder Holes

Are you looking for a black pull handle for your front door? You can add both security and style to your front door with our Entry Pull Handles. We offer large pull handles suitable for front doors as well as pull handles with cylinder holes. Our black cylinder hole pull handles suit a standard Lockwood 001 deadlock/night latch. These are a great option if you want a quick facelift on your front door without replacing your locks. If a cylinder hole pull handle is not the look you are going for, you can try going for a sturdy black front door handle instead.

Use Any Pull Handle for a Front Door

A popular look is to have a large pull handle on your front door rather than a standard knob or lever. If you are wanting to achieve this same look by installing a pull handle on your front door, we recommend pairing it with a matching matte black roller lock. The roller lock will latch the door shut in place with tension, so the door won’t blow open. Keep in mind however that the tension of the euro roller lock will need to be adjusted when the doorframe fluctuates in size by contracting and expanding due to the weather.

A euro cylinder is used with the roller lock to lock the door shut. Our matte black euro cylinders come in a variety of different backset sizes and are operated either as a double or single-cylinder function. For the finishing touches, add a black euro escutcheon on each side of the door as a keyhole surround, to cover the edges around the euro cylinder for a satisfying completed look.

If you are not after a simple pull handle for your front door, perhaps you would prefer to go with a Matte Black Entry Door Handleset instead, for something a little more grand.

Black Barn Door Handles

With barn doors increasing in popularity, you might be wondering what type of handle to place on your new door. What is generally used is a barn door pull handle on one side of the door and on the other side of the door you will want to use a matching Black Iron flush pull sliding door handle. Our sliding door handles recess into the door so they will fit between the door and the wall when the door is open.

These Barn Door Pull Handles are part of our Ageless Iron Barn Door Hardware range and are available in Australia exclusively through Restoration Online. These products are extremely durable and are made from solid cast iron. They are also UV weathering, salt, rust, corrosion, and scratch resistant! Which is perfect for your outdoor barn project needs.

Why choose the Matte Black Finish?

The Matte Black finish is designed to stand out and bring depth to any surface in which it is placed. The richness of the black finish is achieved via different processes. Some products are powder coated and others are treated through an ageing process. Either way, the result is both striking and durable.

Matte Black allows you to explore different styles and time periods to complete your home design dream. Our black Iron hardware transports you back in time to the gothic/tudor era, providing a very traditional old-style vibe. Use our vibrant Matte black hardware against white or timber to create the recognisable and high fashioned ‘Hamptons’ style.

This vibrant textured finish also allows you to explore other styles such as industrial, provincial, and modern-day designs.

Feel free to check out our whole range of Matte Black Door Hardware, along with our full range of matte black Door Handles. Complete the look throughout your entire home by adding the same black finish to your kitchen and cabinetry hardware.

Black Hinges and Accessories

If you’re renovating, you will want to work your way through your house and update everything to match in the same matte black finish. If you’re starting with black pull handles, why not update to black hinges, door and window hardware plus much more!


Our black door pull handles are shipped out from our various warehouses across Australia. This includes our warehouses in South Australia and Western Australia. We ship all of our Black Door Pull Handles Australia wide and to overseas countries such as New Zealand.

Need any help?

We’re here to help with any assistance you need when choosing your door handles and hardware, just contact us for expert advice. Our hand-picked team is well trained with technical information to help with any request.