Lift Off Hinges

Hinges are an important component to opening and closing a door smoothly. The first thing to consider when selecting the hinge for your project is the style and functionality of your hinge. We have a wide range of hinges including lift off hinges, parliament hinges, loose pin hinges and ball bearing hinges that will suit any door of any function required in your renovation or new build.

Lift off hinges partially play an important role for internal doors. Our range of lift off hinges are from the Tradco Hardware brand which is one of Australia’s leading architectural hardware specialists which is popular among builders, renovators and designers. Our lift off hinges are available in various finishes which include polished brass, matte black, chrome, antique brass and satin nickel to just name a few. Our large selection of finishes helps match the style of any home which includes a variety of Art Deco, Californian Bungalow, Hamptons and much more. These lift off hinges are designed to complement our distinctive range of door handles.

What is a lift off hinge and why are they used?

Lift off hinges are a type of hinge made up of two parts which allows the door to be removed without the need to open the door. These hinges are predominantly used on a bathroom or water closest room as in an emergency the door can be removed by someone from the outside. Lift off hinges are an ideal hinge for a small water closet where there is minimal distance between the toilet and the door. In the case of an emergency if the person is blocking the door in which it can not be opened, you can easily lift the door upwards and pop the entire door off the hinge.

Lift off hinges are not only used as a safety feature in bathrooms, they are especially useful for businesses that receive frequent deliveries or large deliveries that won’t fit unless the door is removed.

Our lift off hinges are only recommended for internal doors only due to security reasons. If used on an external door, it means the door can be easily removed from the door jamb which causes a great security risk. For external doors, we recommend using a fixed pin hinge or ball bearing hinge. These need to have all the screws individually unscrewed from both the outside and inside of the door, in order to remove the door from the frame, so it is a much more secure option.

How to install a lift off hinge?

It is essential when installing lift off hinges, to leave a gap between the top of the door and the underside of the head of the door frame. This allows movement upwards so the pin in the door hinge can slide up and out of the other side of the hinge, allowing the door to slide out easily in a case of an emergency.

Before installing your hinges you need to consider what handing you require of either the left or right hand option. To determine the correct handing, stand on the side of the door that swings towards you. If the hinges are on the left, then you will require a left hand hinge. If the hinges are on the right, then you require a right hand hinge.

What other hardware can I add with lift off hinges?

Hinges are probably not the first thing you think about when renovating or building your home, however the statement piece of your door is your door handle. At Restoration Online we have a massive range of door handles in multiple different functions such as passage, privacy (bathrooms),euro combo sets, traditional keyhole and dummy handles to suit each every room throughout your entire home. One of our premium brands of door handles, Nostalgic Warehouse are well known for their excellent quality, combining traditional design with high quality & durability. This exclusive range is unique to the Australian market and will elevate your home or project to the next level.

Another type of door hardware you may want to add are door stops. Our door stops are available in a range of styles and finishes to suit your traditional decor. Restoration Online offers magnetic door stops, rubber door stops, and wall and floor mounted door stops in both vintage and modern styles.

Where and how do I order lift off hinges?

At Restoration Online ordering lift off hinges is simple. Select the quantities you are after and go through each step by step process at the checkout. Our office is based in the blue mountains, however we ship all of our products Australia wide including Tasmania, Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide as well as all regional areas. We also deliver small items such as hinges, door handle, doorbells and all general hardware worldwide. Whether you are in New Zealand, United States or the United Kingdom, we can ship to you. If you add your order to your cart and select your shipping destination, the postage will calculate manually for you or simply contact our friendly sales team and we can create a shipping quote for you. Choosing the perfect finish or design can be overwhelming but we are here to help. We offer exceptional customer service from 8.30am – 5pm Monday- Friday NSW Time to assist with any product question or delivery enquiry.