Gold Handles

A famous actor is quoted as saying “Gold was a gift to Jesus. If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me”, and it’s good enough for you too! Gold door handles, gold cabinet handles, gold furniture handles, gold entry door handlesets – if you want it in gold, we’ve got it in gold, it’s a match made in gold heaven. Forget the pearly gates, you’ve made it to the golden gates! No not the bridge, the metaphorical entrance to gold fittings mecca! If you’ve been praying for tasteful décor inspiration, then Restoration Online is here to answer your prayers with our extensive range of gold handles and gold hardware.

Channel your inner stereotypical magpie and fill every crack and crevice of your bird’s nest of a home with shiny sparkly gold hardware. Take your furniture from drab-ulous to fabulous by adding gold dresser handles and gold cabinet knobs. Feel like King Midas while entering and exiting every room in your house by installing gold lever handles and gold doorknobs on all your doors. Friends and neighbours alike will crave your impeccable sense of style when they see your house dripping in gold knobs and gold pull handles. Savour the feeling of our gold kitchen handles and gold drawer pulls beneath your fingers without fear of abnormally long life or obsession with dark magical jewellery.

Gold medals aren’t given for beating just somebody, gold medals are given for beating everybody. With over 60 years combined experience and gold star customer service, Restoration Online set the gold standard when it comes to buying gold finish handles and gold finish hardware online in Australia. Buy gold handles online with confidence from Restoration Online and you’ll be good as gold. We deliver across Australia and the world so everybody can beautify their homes and enrich their lives with gold furniture handles, gold kitchen knobs, gold door knobs, and so much more.

Are Gold Door Handles in Style?

Gold door handles never went out of style, and gold hardware will never go out of style! It is the true timeless finish.

Paying close attention to the finer details of your home, such as your wardrobe handles and kitchen handles, will really set your décor apart from the everyday ordinary. This could be something as subtle as gold dresser handles and gold pedestal handles on a simple bureau, or something as extravagant and luxurious as gold centre door knobs and gold door pull handles on your front door.

Be brave and bold by installing striking gold kitchen pull handles and gold kitchen latches on black kitchen cupboards and black kitchen drawers. Or opt for a softer more sensual atmosphere with gold half moon handles and gold sliding door handles against warm white doors throughout your home.

Is Gold Hardware Trendy?

Gold hardware is more than just trendy, gold hardware is forever. Nothing says refined taste and old money better than gold lever door handles or gold ring turn door handles. Brass gold cupboard knobs, brass gold T bar knobs, and brass gold drawer pulls will keep your kitchen en pointe for years to come, while brass gold furniture drawer pulls and brass gold furniture knobs on your vanities will add opulence and luxury to your bathroom and ensuite.

Installing brass gold door knobs or replacing existing entry door handlesets with brass gold handles is a quick, simple, and easy way to add warmth, charm, and light into any space of your home. But why stop with just handles? Kick that cheap, nasty, chrome to the curb and instead choose refined, glamourous gold taps for your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, and butler’s pantry. Say goodbye to that sad, mundane, and lifeless stainless-steel sink with the gross bits of food and discoloration in the bottom, and upgrade to a vibrant, charming, and splendorous gold sink. Forget bland, basic, white switches and power points because that’s no way to set the mood. Power up your décor by making the switch to gold switches – what a turn on! Wondering about what colour you should choose for your indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. We can shed some light on that answer for you. It’s gold of course, gold lights. Now that’s a bright idea!

The great Lord Sauron didn’t make The One Ring out of gold for no reason. It is beautiful, useful, and never wears out. It symbolises wealth, power, success, and beauty. Proverbs are written about it, songs are sung about it, and men have fought and died to obtain it. The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of humankind. Ever timeless, this metal is truly precious.

If, after all that, you are somehow still not convinced you need only gold handles from Australia’s best online restoration hardware retailer, Restoration Online, in your life, then you can shop handles by colour and peruse our range of other fantastic finishes on offer at the following links:

Black Handles, Iron Handles, Matte Black Handles – If Orodruin post-eruption is your jam then sprinkling flecks of black and iron handles and hardware throughout your home is the way to go. Think ‘Mordor chic’. Bring the spirit of the volcanic mountain home without having to do all that walking. Also complements Hamptons, French Provincial, Traditional Farmhouse, and Victorian Gothic interior styles.

Glass Handles, Porcelain Handles, Ceramic Handles, Wooden Handles, Leather Handles – Technically not colours but still wonderful natural materials with exquisite hand-feel. Your hobbit hole is sure to feely especially homey with these organic and earthy products. Also complements Eclectic, Boho, and Rustic décor aesthetics.

Chrome Handles, Satin Chrome Handles, Silver Handles, Stainless Steel Handles, Nickel Handles, Pewter Handles – These sleek, shiny, cool finishes are the pinnacle of sophistication and durability. Much like the elves, many years may pass and yet these long lasting finishes will appear to have aged not a day. Also perfect for those with a taste for Art Deco, Coastal, and Modern Traditional themes.

Brass Handles, Bronze Handles, Copper Handles, Unlacquered Brass Handles – Channelling the cleverness and skill craft of the dwarves, these bright and rustic metallic finishes will add a touch of Khazad-dum grandeur to any space in your home. Opulence and strength perfectly balanced with warmth and charm. Also at home in any Hollywood Glam, or Industrial Chic setting.

White Handles, Blue Handles – This will just depend on what kind of wizard you are as well as how many Balrogs you’ve slain. Also perfect for adding a splash of colour to your Cottage or Shabby Chic vibe.