Ceramic Handles

Ceramic handles are the perfect way to truly customise any space in your home to reflect your personal style and pace. Whether your vibe is understated and elegant, charming and sophisticated, or floral and eclectic, you’re sure to find the perfect ceramic cabinet handles and ceramic door knobs to complement your aesthetic here. Escape from mundane décor and avoid falling into the trap of cookie-cutter fittings with Restoration Online’s wide range of beautiful and classic ceramic cupboard knobs, ceramic cabinet knobs, ceramic door knobs, porcelain handles, and much more.

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Which Ceramic Handles Should I Choose?

Handles are the part of your home that are touched every day, so are a part of your life that should not be chosen thoughtlessly, but instead selected with consideration for how you live and utilise your spaces. Making a house a home and a space that works with and for you rather than against you is all in the finer details. Combining different textures and finishes is the perfect way to add your special touch to any room and leave your signature in the design which demonstrates that you care.

Ceramic handles are a timeless feature of many homes. Embodying features of a bygone era, the combination of ceramic and metal captures a style that has been a favourite for centuries, and one that is reminiscent of the stately homes of bygone days.

Simple yet timeless, ceramic handles complement a variety of architectural styles and spaces including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and even the laundry. Ceramic handles are ever a very popular choice for vintage furniture, Hamptons butler pantries, farmhouse kitchens, bungalow cottages, and historical décor settings.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of ceramic handles to choose from and are not sure what style would be best for you, read on for some helpful guidance and recommendations.

Bungalow and Cottage
Bungalow and cottage interiors are often characterised by exposed wooden beams, muted earthy tones, and plenty of natural light. With a combination of natural rustic materials and understated antique finishes, these spaces are homey and cosy with a warm and calming atmosphere. We’d recommend:
Crazed Ivory Ceramic Antique Brass Handles
Antique Copper Handles
Bronze Handles
Cream Ceramic Brass Handles

Hamptons interior designs are normally airy and spacious, with a mutated colour scheme of warm greys, soft greens, cool blues, and whites. These spaces are stylish and elegant, as well as open and inviting. We’d recommend:
White Ceramic Chrome Handles
White Handles
Satin Chrome Handles
Silver Handles
Stainless Steel Handles
White Ceramic Matte Black Handles

French Provincial
French provincial interiors are ornate and elegant, and are categorised by rustic, antique looking furniture and fittings, in stylish, open plan spaces. Door handles and hardware are normally intricately woven wrought iron, while light fittings tend to be grand chandeliers that really fill the room. The colour palette tends to be more striking with black fittings contrasting on white cabinets and doors. We’d recommend:
White Ceramic Black Handles
Iron Handles
Pewter Handles
Porcelain Handles

Heritage and Vintage
Heritage and Vintage are catch-all terms for styles which encompass the atmosphere and feeling of traditional interiors of times passed. Categorised by rich textures and colours, and close attention to detail with intricate and ornate door hardware and window fittings. Complemented by solid furniture, and hand made products in living finishes. We’d recommend:
Black Ceramic Gold Handles
Brown Ceramic Unlacquered Brass Handles
Satin Brass Handles
Nickel Handles

Bohemian interiors are generally defined by mixing different patterns and materials such as metal, wood, glass, and ceramic. It is a super personalised and eclectic style with an emphasis on organic elements and nature. Interiors feel warm, inviting, and lived in. We’d recommend:
Copper Handles
Ceramic Handles
Glass Handles
Leather Handles
Blue Handles
Wooden Handles