Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless Steel Sinks

So why are stainless steel sinks so popular and how come they can be found in millions of homes across the country? Well, the proof can be found in the pudding when it comes to stainless steel sinks. Not only are they cost-effective but they are incredibly durable, easy to keep clean and possess many fine qualities, making them a common purchase for kitchens and laundries. Whether you require a sink with a single or double bowl, or with a drainer, Restoration Online have you covered with our wide selection of stainless-steel sink options to suit any renovation or restoration project.

Why choose a Stainless-Steel sink?

If you’re still tossing up between your decision to go for a stainless-steel sink, it’s time to check out the pros and cons list to help you finalise your choice. Though there are certainly more pros than there are cons for this product, it still helps to look at both, to make sure that this is in fact the right product for you.

One of the main advantages of purchasing a stainless-steel sink, is the affordability. Not often can you find a product that is high quality, tough and sold at an affordable price all at once. This is part of the beauty and natural charm of a Stainless-steel sink. These sinks are easy to repair and can be replaced cheaply if needed. They are cheaper than natural stone and granite sinks, along with some fireclay sinks, making them very cost-effective.

A good sink needs to be able to withstand the heat and the expectations regarding its intended purpose. This includes the pressure of constant use, dumped dishes, rinses and cleaning chemicals. Stainless steel sinks are well known for their durability and their everlasting shine. These sinks do not dent, crack, chip, tarnish, or rust and thanks to their non-porous surface they are very easy to keep clean.

One of the main disadvantages of a stainless-steel sink is that they are not scratch resistant and can therefore be prone to obtaining scratch marks over time with use. There are products out there that can assist with removing scratch marks, however this may not always work and is something to keep in mind. As far as styles go, stainless steel sinks don’t have a vast selection. However, with this in mind Restoration Online offers a wide range of coloured stainless-steel sinks that help to aid this dilemma.

Versatility is another great quality of stainless-steel sinks. Due to their neutral design, these sinks are perfect for blending into any kitchen or laundry design. Their complementary attributes allow them to fit snuggly under or on top of countertops without being a main statement and suit many of the modern and contemporary styles of today. Depending on the colour chosen, they can be used to blend in or stand out next to your appliances and tapware.

What qualities to look for when purchasing a stainless-steel sink

Some of the main qualities that you will want to consider when choosing your sink is the stainless-steel grade, the thickness or gauge of the sink and its finish. You will also want to check the insulation and types of coatings the sink has which will assist in reducing noise and condensation build up.

The best grade for stainless steel sinks is regarded as Grade-304. This refers to the percentage of iron that the sink is made from and that the steel is 18/8 stainless steel. Sinks with this grade typically will outshine the quality of the poorer sinks, ensuring that you get the best value for your sink.

The thickness of the stainless steel will help to determine the quality. The thicker the gauge of the stainless-steel metal, the better the quality of the sink. A lower gauge means a better sink in this sense. For example, a decent sink will have a thickness gauge of between 16-22, with 16 being the thickest.

When choosing a finish for your sink, think back to what you are wanting to achieve with your design. When you think of a stainless-steel sink, a shiny silver finish is the first that normally comes to mind. This standard finish will suit numerous kitchen and laundry designs, as it neither subtracts nor distracts from other style elements you have chosen to go with. However, if you wanted to have a running theme with your tapware, hardware and other accessories and wanted your sink to tie in as well, why not choose a matching-coloured stainless-steel sink, to complete the look.

The possibilities are endless if you decide to go with a stainless-steel sink for your project.

Stainless-Steel Sink Sizes

Choose from various styles, finishes, bowls, and brands when purchasing your stainless-steel sinks.

Our range of Stainless-Steel sinks are offered in multiple bowl styles, including single bowl, double bowl, 1.75 bowl and 1.5 bowls.

Whatever you envision for your design, Restoration Online is here to make it happen. If you require any help with choosing your stainless-steel sink or have any questions you wish to ask before purchasing, do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experienced sales team members.

Sink Accessories

Each sink deserves to be adorned with sink accessories to make it sparkle and fit comfortably in a new space. A drainer is a must when washing dirty dishes, not to mention the sink wastes to catch any pieces of food you don’t wish to have running down your sink pipes. Sink mats and sink grids are heroes in disguise and can be used to protect the bottom of your sink from unwanted scratches.


If you are purchasing a stainless-steel sink through Restoration Online, you won’t be purchasing just any sink. The sink you choose will be from one of Australia’s leading trusted brands, so you know you’re receiving a high-end quality product. Fienza, Meir and Abey Australia, all offer great options for stainless steel sinks.

Other sink types

Perhaps even with all the benefits and advantages of a stainless-steel sink, you still just don’t think it’s the right sink for you. If this is the case, not to worry! Restoration Online have Kitchen sinks, belfast and butler sinks, laundry sinks, and bathroom sinks galore to offer, so make sure to check these out before making your final decision!


Our stainless-steel sinks are offered with free shipping Australia Wide! This great deal means you can get yourself one of these sinks, whether you live in a regional or metropolitan area. These sinks can be shipped to any major city including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and many more. Get yours today!