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Tradco Retro Fit Door Knob - 60mm - Matte Black
SKU: P-0699MB
This door handle is available in the following functions:
Passage- Internal doors
Privacy- Bathroom & Toilet doors
Dummy- Wardrobe & Linen Press doors

Item: 0699

Replace your existing door knobs with the sophisticated retro fit black door knob range of interior door knobs, which include a function for every door inside your home. This model has been specially designed to cover existing 54mm holes in doors after the removal of existing handles (generally installed after about 1970). It comes with tie-bolts that connect one handle to its opposite rather than relying on timber behind the backing plate to take wood-screws. Add latches to suit all your interior single or double doors. Complete the unified, professional look by outfitting your entire home with matte black door hardware.

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Tradco Retro Fit Door Knob - 60mm - Matte Black

$46.75 - $102.85
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